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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SuperLawn, Aug 17, 2002.

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    Oops! There goes another rubber tree plant!:D
  3. Big Mow

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    Am not going to worry about loosing accounts just yet
  4. tailoredlook

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    Mowin' grass, makin' cash without getting tired or dirty. Where do I sign up to get one.
  5. m&m

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    now wouldnt that be nice if you could have a portable camera on ur truck hooked up to a laptop......unload the mower, crank up the cam and puter, then sit in truck in the a/c and get the job done while sipping on lemonade......of course u would have to set the boundaries in the yard like it said in the article......but it sure sounds nice....only bad thing to it is no suntan
  6. BigJim

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    Sorry guys,us New Zealanders are about to end the days of the Lawn Guy,suggest you sell all your ztr"s and weedeaters now before the market gets saturated with old lawn mowers that no one uses anymore.I saw this on TV here the other night,its like the robot mowers you have already seen but its controlled by the internet.You run a wire loop around the area to mow and off it goes mowing.Its battery powered and when they run low it automatically goes up to a charger and recharges itself.You can monitor its progress from any location on the net.Its mainly aimed at home owners but I thought straight away all it needs is a video mounted on it and you could drive it from your home computer to the next job if it was close by.Its silent so can mow 24 hours a day.I reckon if you ran a couple of hundred of these once you'd installed the wire loops round the lawns all you would have to do is service them and shift them to the next job.So you would be able to get up in the morning,log on do a quick run through all the mowers to check they are all running OK,send a fax to your man who relocates them for you ,which properties to shift them on to,pick up any that need a service and leave a replacement unit on that lawn.Check the weather then think which golf course will I play today.Interesting to note Husqvarna are investing in it so theres something in it....Like I said better get those rideons and walk behinds in the for sale pages,these things will make you all redundant shortly.........:D
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    It wont last long....someone who doesnt understand how they work will try and pick it up. OOPPSSs there goes some fingers.
  8. BigJim

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    :D It automatically stops if it touches anything,is monitored by a video feed to your PC and is alarmed to prevent theft.Don't go into denial, this thing is going to revolutionise lawnmowing as you know it........
  9. BigJim

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    Introducing the (silent) robotic lawnmower

    Four researchers at Massey University have developed a robotic grass cutter that can be remote controlled with a simple command via the Internet.

    The team of four, lead by Professor Glen Bright and Johann Potgieter, is using integrated mechatronics (the innovative use of engineering and technology) in collaboration with Husqvarna. They say the cordless, rechargeable mower will be able to precision navigate lawns, cutting to the required height.

    At the moment the automatic mower is working in a roped-off patch of grass outside their base at the University’s Albany campus. It moves silently across the grass, stopping in places that need extra trimming and going over them again. If it runs out of battery power, it works its way over to the recharge for a top-up.

    “We are adding intelligence using mechatronic and robotic principles to Husqvarna’s already pretty smart Auto Mower,” Professor Bright said. “At present the mower needs physical boundaries to navigate. By the end of the year it will be able to self navigate and carry out gardening tasks such as soil testing and adjusting to different grass heights so it will have applications for golf courses and bowling greens as well as homes.”

    Husqvarna general manager David Boyd says the company jumped at the chance to support research that will keep their innovative products at the forefront of new technology. “We’re acknowledged as world leaders in garden maintenance equipment and this collaboration is taking it beyond Husqvarna’s expertise to open up more practical applications for consumers.”

    Professor Bright says the technology has wide implications for industry. The next step will be to develop a generic robotic device that can be installed in any piece of manufacturing plant and cybercontrolled. The teams plans to extend the research of generic “plug and play” mechatronic control systems to include equipment used in the agricultural industry, and often dangerous areas such as meat cutting, meat packing and fish de-boning.

    However their main goal is the world's first robotic ‘cockroach’, to take care of most household chores, including vacuuming, lawnmowing, cleaning windows and floors, and making the beds. The team are still designing the cockroach, which would be about half the size of a person, and are looking at including miniature models which could drop off from the ‘mother cockroach’ to do smaller chores.

    Professor Bright says they will have the first version available to buy within five years, and predicts it will be in homes in every first world country by 2020.

    The team has already developed an automatic petrol-dispensing robot for use at service stations.

    robot mower nz.jpg

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