web page search engines

Gentlemen, (and ladies) first of all let me thank all for the posts I've enjoyed since getting on this site. Thanks to ideas presented here I have changed my company name (to present a more professional image) and have gone through the steps to register my domain and create and publish my web site. http://www.smlandscaping.com

(Before you tell me how bland and boring it is with no pictures - I know, but I haven't been smart enough to take pictures of my work in the past and now is not a good time.)

Since I did a name change all of my paperwork now reflects my web site - business cards, letterhead, invoices, but I'd like to be able to be found by search engines also.

My question is this. How do I go about getting my site known on the search engines? I did a search of old posts and found some mentions of this but no real details as to how to do it. Any help would be appreciated.