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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by TTS, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Hey guys, have a buddy working on getting a website together but I'm looking for ways to develop and solidify a web presence other than a website.

    I have listed myself on google places, just waiting on the postcard to show up to finalize the listing. I hope that helps some with any local searches. I also listed myself in the yellow pages. I have our facebook site up without doing much work yet and not having any pictures (won't use stock pictures) it's tough to generate much of a buzz there. Just wondering what other places you can go to get your name out there. I've heard of houzz just haven't gotten a chance to look into it yet.
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    You can upgrade your ad with yellow pages advertising. Just be aware that its $200 per month after a 60 day trial, so make sure you cancel it. You can also set up a Facebook place site. Google and Facebook also have advertising options that you can customize the amount you spend on advertising. I put $3 a day into facebook and google for a month. That generated enough clicks that my site appears in the first few results for "lawn care" in my area.

    I live in a pretty small town and there are only about 5 competing company's with a web presence. So it wasn't a great accomplishment to get to the top of the listings but I feel like the 70ish dollars I spent on advertising to get my site up was worth it.
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    TTS: If you read back through the archives, you'll see some good threads on elevating your online profile/off-site SEO. I'd also suggest hitting getlisted.org, put in your info, and see where your online footprint is lacking.

    ShorterGrass: You'd have a tough time tying your Facebook or Adwords campaigns to the increased organic rank of your web site. Your site rose due to your location/competition. You're definitely correct that Adwords is a great way to prop your traffic up until you can start ranking your site on the first page. Once you're ranking, you can eliminate that ad spend, or reallocate it to other keywords of interest.
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    Houzz is all about the pics. I wouldn't even bother with it till you have pics to put up
  5. ShorterGrass

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    TonyGreek I will not at all claim to be an expert on what gets website rankings up but, my website was entered over 400 times in a month from redirects from the google adwords ad. Site activity increases the ranking correct?

    Either way, I already cancelled the website because all the business it was generating was farther away than I really wanted to go. I feel like the website added credibility but not enough to justify another expense.
  6. tonygreek

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    You cancelled your web site? Did it, and your ad, convey your service area? Turning down business is one thing, but eliminating the possibility of attracting business seems rash.

    400 visits from Adwords in a month leads me to wonder if you were not using "exact match", or even "phrase match", for your campaign. With your mention that you shuttered the site due to out of area calls, Im guessing you were broad or phrase match? 13+ adwords clicks/day seems rather high for as small of an area as you live in.

    In terms of your ranking factor, site clicks could be of some small help to you (although your referral source is questionable. As a test, where did you rank on Bing or Yahoo?), but I'd wager bounce rate would have a greater impact. Based on my glance, I do think it would be very tough to tie your organic rank to your campaign, however I also think it would only take a modest attempt, and just a couple of days, to quickly rank a site there.
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  7. ShorterGrass

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    I had maybe 20 keywords lawn care, grass mowing, lawn care company, etc. Based on the ad tracker the vast majority of referrals were coming from "lawn care". I agree that 400 visits in a little over a month from an area with a population of less than 7000 is a lot. Enough to make me think that something was wrong with my ad, but I didnt know how to fix it or even if anything needed to be fixed.

    I had the search area limited to 15 miles from my home address. The only calls that I received from web traffic were literally 15 miles aways, which is about 25 minutes drive time, and I dont want to spend that much time on the road.

    Im sure that websites are a great asset to many business in many areas, but for me, here in this area I dont think it was worth the extra expense. I can give that $30 to my son and one of his friends, drop them off in a large neighborhood and hand out postcards and get better results.
  8. rojorojo

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    Another great avenue of marketing is through door hangers. A'Deas Printing has some great deals going on right now and the door hangers they produce helps gain business for companies such as yourself. For more information about them just visit : www.adeasprinting.com
  9. Landscape Poet

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    Tony or Paper will most likely be able to answer this better than myself but it is my feeling from looking at local results here, I would say Google plus is the best option to have a web presence without a website at all if that is your only option.
    For example in my area, metro orlando, if you type my city name and sod into google, I come up on the first page organically and in google places. To me google places plays such a big part in many searches because between places and the first three ad spots that is the first 50 percent of the first page. Here on the search for my towns name and sod ...on google places four of us have websites...the other three do not just google plus pages.
    Organic search results are still important do not get me wrong as I am working my tail off to rank higher and higher on many terms...but the fact is that if I was to be on the google places maps for all those search terms I would guess it would generate just as many leads because almost any search keyword now results in two or three paid ads on the top of the return from google then the next seven are google places map business listings and by then you are generally well over 50% down the first page.

    In a related note without a web page..do not forget to register on bing/yahoo maps/places as well.
  10. Landscape Poet

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    Door hangers have their place if properly designed and not cheaply produced. IMHO they are best used to target potential customers of existing clients because you are eliminating any additional travel time etc. But it has been my experience that the return rate on them is too low to establish and maintain a good growth of business on them alone unless you are really looking for slow and steady growth.

    Again if nothing else on the web , a solid google plus page gets more exposure. 304 views is what I have in the last 30 days on my google plus page. Not bad for something that is essentially free. If the google plus page does nothing else, it helps with branding at a cost no more than the effort you put into it.

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