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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by arkansas502, Mar 6, 2014.

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    By the way, levelcut.com is already taken (it was registered in 2000).

    Like the previous two posters have mentioned, if you are still considering any of the domains you posted earlier, grab them quickly! If you are looking for a place to register them, check out www.namecheap.com. There are lots of options, I like them because they're straight forward and easy to use.
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    The shortest, easy to remember name wins out always. Levelcut.com would have been the best but someone pointed out it is already taken.

    Also, your company name doesn't have to be the same as your domain name. You can take just about any name and brand it to mean just about anything else. It would certainly be helpful if you could find an exact domain name that matches your company name but it's not likely unless you start with the domain name first then name your company after that.
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    I'm not verry website savy. I'm not real sure where the best place to get a webste at? Several places but not sure what route to take.
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    Are you planning on only mowing lawns or do you want to get into landscape installation as well? if you are only a mower go with levelcutlawns. If you want to expand into landscape I would choose levelcutlandscape

    level cut lawn and landscape is too long people are lazy. More chance for misspelling and people not remembering your site.

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