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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Scenic Lawnscape, Mar 20, 2006.

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    I am just starting out and i would like to make a simple web site. Well My cable/Internet provider offers free web hosting. How do i create a basic web page and transfer it there. I am so lost i have looked every where, i just want to make a simple web page and all this terminology has me smacking my head off the wall. I found one on yahoo but you have to host it on there site, so any ideas or help would be great

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    I would start by calling up your cable company, however I don't think your'e allowed to have a personal/commercial web address. i think they just give you something like comcast.com/~rich instead of (for example) sceniclawnscape.com. let me know if you need a hand with anything.
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    If you want the older version that is a little easier to use, I can email it to you. This is a very good free html editor to make your own. It is very easy to use and learn.
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    I am using a free website from my cable provider to make a website for my school. what provider do you have?
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    u will need to pay a little if u want a certian band with or customers will get error massages
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    neways hey look a banner on here has web hosting for only $4.95 thats cheap i pay 10 you can check out my site i use yahoo site builder and i have some other programs i used to i just put mine up will have online bill pay here soon alot of my customers asked for it neways if u have ne questions you can email me at epiclandscaping1@yahoo.com
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    It's easier than it seems, but once you get into it a bit.

    I've got the hang of it because everything was put in place and my son gave me dreamweaver.

    With a program like frontpage or dreamweaver, changes are not much harder - nor building, than learning to type in MS Word.

    And files transfer as easy as dragging an icon from your computer folder icon into another icon representing your server when you open the FTP program.

    I just downloaded a free version of Smart FTP.

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