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matthew horner

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Sanford, NC
I'm going to be building a website soon. I've checked out register.com and doteasy.com. Any advice? Should my domain be .biz ? What fees are you guys with web sites paying?
Thank you. And, I really enjoy lawnsite.com:)


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Register your domain name through godaddy.com as they only charge about $8.00 per name . As for a web designer steelid.com is building my new site and it has some neat things built in . You have total control of the site and content and can change photos at any time . They mainly build sites for pro photographers but it is a easy fit for any business . Get a .com name and register different variations of the name you are going to use so no one else has a close name .


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Westside Oregon
Expence is of interest to me, but I don't try to weasle costs too low. Anyway, my site - other than webmaster improvements - runs about $150 for the whole year.

No yahoo charges, and we still rank decent. The "Responses..." thread has some of my feedback in it.

I didn't mention it on that thread, but even with "Portland" ommitted from a keyword seach, we still come up fairly high on a search like:

tree care
tree advice
tree pruning

And without dishing a lot of dough out. It sure is nice that websites can be up and running for the affordable prices available today. I think many landscapers not only are proud of their sites, but really enjoy making and having them. I'm glad they can enjoy that professional avenue and have it within their financial grasp.


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Beaver Falls PA
First, I will agree with azturf on where to register your name. Go with GoDaddy. Stay as far away from Register.com as you can. They have gotten a little better after a lot of lawsuits (They used to have a monopoly and operated about like the IRS in the old days. If they got thier fingers on your site, you were locked in for life at very high rates and changing your hosting compnay was harder than getting divorced. They have gotten a little better and now are only terrible and overpriced.

If you can get it the first choice in names is definately .com If not biz is fine. there are a lot of choices beyond .com. most are new and not as well accepeted. The newest ones are .ws (for website) .us (us based) .biz (for business) .info There are a bunch of new ones just added now too but nothing too useful.

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