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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by dirtybiz, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. dirtybiz

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    I am looking to get a website designed for my landscape/irrigation installation company, and have looked at many websites, and have a pretty good idea of what i want. I contacted the company that designed my logo when i first started and they said their websites started at 4k :dizzy: , and i about lost it. How much have your web sites cost to be developed, and on a scale of 1-10 how nice/complicated are they. Mine won't be to complicated, but would have quite a few pic's and would like it to be very nice. Just trying to get a feel for how much i am gonna have to spend to get a good one. Thank you.
  2. kkls2006

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    I'm in the same boat as you dirtybiz and you know what they say "You get what you pay for"...

    From what I have found unless you can design one for yourself or use a template and make changes it's gonna cost ya.
  3. Bill S

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    Hey Dirtybiz...

    No need to spend thousands of dollars to have a website designed, it is damn near foolish to even think that way. I used Yahoo site builder for mine. Did my first run using a template...it looked awful so I went and designed from a blank page.

    Now, I have all the control. When it gets time for your SEO, shoot me an email and I can get you in contact with a good guy that helped me out quite a bit.

    Check out my site: www.wjsmallwood.com

    Good luck!\

  4. RHayden

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    I agree with Bill on not having to spend thousands on a decent site. If you don't want to design your own, you should be able to get a nice site done for around $1500.00. We currently have around less than $1000.00 in ours. Nothing fancey but it gets the job done. Shop around and you'll find some fair prices.
  5. johndeereguy

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    I am having one done for me, it will have 5 differant pages with each page representing a part of the company. I do not have mine done yet, but the guy has done a few for my friend businesses. He only charges $300. SO I see no need to par thousands for it.
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  7. OhioJeff

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    hey Dirtybiz,

    To make the right decision, web site pricing should fit in with what your marketing goals, what are your services and who are your customers and competitors.

    For example, if I were spending major coin already on other advertising methods like yellow book, direct mail, etc... then your website can have a more supportive role of just extending the message the providing some photos.

    But if you need or want your site to find new customers, then it's a different story because it's a larger commitment to pages and copy and first impressions. Also too what are your services and where you're at is important. If you're doing high end landscaping in affuelent markets then your website need to fit with that.

    So I don't think any single price is the right answer for everyone. The 'get what you pay for' post is certainly true.


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