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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Moss Creek Landscape, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Moss Creek Landscape

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    I've made some changes based on input. I tend to agree in some shape or form with all that have posted. We all tend to get tunnel vision when it comes to our business, that's why bouncing feedback off one another bodes well for all. Again....thank you a ton.
  2. mdvaden

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    I like it better than last time, that's for sure.

    Are you willing to try an experiment?

    I'd still be curious to see how it looks, if you put your buttons side by side, but raise them so they are to the right of your name, at page right.

    Then put all the white text to the left of the photo, which raises the photo higher on the page.

    Have you tried Arial text before to see how it compares to your default or Times Roman (or Georgia)? I don't know which would be better, Arial or as is. I was just curious if you tried the other to see which reads easier.

    Anyhow, it does look better - to me - since you changed it. :waving:
  3. dirtybiz

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    from MT
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    hey it was really weird to stumble across this page, as my Company's name is MossCreek Landscapes, Inc., and our soon to be website is mosscreeklandscapes.com. Nice name :) , never even heard of anyone else with a name close to mine until now. Nice website, will let you know when mine is done. Also cool pic, i have something similar going on mine!
  4. Moss Creek Landscape

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    mdvaden.....I am willing to experiment. Right now I have Georgia text and will play with it a bit. I am still amazed that I got this far with building this site. I probably will be changing weekly as time goes on. Great input....
    Dirty Biz......I used to be M & Z Lawn Care but I felt it was being drowned out by all the other "initial" companies out there and we have expanded our services as time went by. This is only our third season in this area so the timing was right. It took my wife and I 2-3 months to finally agree on something but that's what stuck. I wish you the best. Sure glad you re in Montana though....Wheew
  5. mdvaden

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    Try justifying the text and see if you like it evened up on the sides that way.

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