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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Qdriver, Nov 10, 2003.

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    Hi Newleaf,

    No, that $ 7.95 a year is just for the domain name which was what you had said in your earlier post. I think you are doing good at 8.00 a month with a free domain name. When you are into that kind of money if you are getting good service it is not worth fooling around and shopping. I pay anything from $ 8.00 a month to $ 30.00 depending on the features I need.
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    Thank you all for your information.

    Please understand, I am not familiar AT ALL with ANYTHING about web sites. i.e. how to set them up, how to run them.

    I guess you pay a monthly fee just to get and keep the "domain name" then you also have to either set-up the site and run it yourself or find a host that will. Is that about right?

    I mainly (for now) would like to buy a name to hold it until I can learn about running a site.

    How is this done? I gather from you all that it should cost about $8 dollars per mth to get and hold the "domain name".
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    Hi Gdriver,

    Well, I pay $ 7.95 for a year of holding the name. If you want one that ends in .us or .biz you can get them for $ 4.00 a year right now. The advantage of that is that there are not as many names that have been taken. For example I was receintly able to get the name www.lawns.ws If that name had a .com on the end instead of the .ws, I could probably turn around and sell it for somewhere between $ 10,000 and $ 100,000 maybe more.

    The most popular place on the internet to get domain names is www.godaddy.com Go to thier site and just sort of read and you can get an idea about things. If you want to see what names are available, right in the middle of their home page is a data entry screen with the title search for domain names now. You can enter a name you like and it will tell you if they are available. It will also suggest options. For example if you type in greengrasslawns.com it might say that is taken but .ws. .us and .org are available

    GoDaddy is the most popular for names, it is not the most popular or necessarily the best to actually host your account. Since you are not ready for that, just go check out names. Buy one if you find one you like and when you are ready for more, let us know.

    A host will have computers (servers they are called) logged into the interent. They will sell you storage space and the connection.
    Sometimes you compare by the amount of storage space you get and the bandwidth, which is sorta like the amount of data you can supply people (in simple terms)
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    Hi Gdriver,

    I have some time and thought I would get into this a little more. When you are ready for the hosting you need to get your site on the internet. These are the things you need to decide.

    A. To host it yourself or have it hosted. (This is a no brainer. You can host it yourself, but you don't want to do that.

    Where to have it hosted?

    There are free places. You won't usually get a good address. such as www.yourcompany.com You will likely have pop up ads on your site. You will possibly be rather limited in the software to create your site.

    There are thousands of pay places. PowWeb is popular right now. They are $ 7.77 a month and seem to be good. I have one site with them. I use 5 or 6 hosting companies but should consolodate. The latest one I hooked up with was www.hostrocket.com They are $ 9.99 a month but for that site I have to have some pretty good data base capabilites Most are good. Just ask here and you can get lots of suggestions.

    The next choice is to have someone build it, or to build it yourself. If you want to build it yourself I would suggest buying FrontPage which is easy to use ($ 139.00 +/-) You can learn it in a day and have a web site up quickly. There are templates or themes included with Frontpage. They look bad. You can get a professionally designed template to build your site with. Then all you do is change the words and the photos. I would talk to TeamGopher about it and also check out www.pixelmill.net Your cost on a spiffy template will be aobut $ 50.00 You can get them for free or for less.

    If you don't feel comfortable doing one yourself you can have one done. I believe TeamGopher does web sites and he knows the industry. Thre are others here. I am sure if you post something you will find a number of people who would love to do a web site for you and will do a good job. A professioonally designed web site can range from a few hundred to a few thousand.

    Hope I helped you a bit here.

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