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Noticing alot more photos being submitted to this site and with the increasing use of websites(cost less than yellowpages) what kind of cameras do you use? Digital or regular (and post from disks)? Thanks Kevin

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I use a Hewlett Packard Digital camera now. Most of the lawn pictures on my website are 35mm and scanned into the computer. The digitals are downloaded into the computer, uploaded to someplace on the internet and then a link is put to the picture from a post. If you use a camera with film, you need to develope them and then go get the pictures and scan them or have them put in ditital form on a disk. I haven't used my 35mm camera since I got the digital camera. What's nice about digital is you can take several pictures of the subject and then pick out the best one to save to the computer. I hope this helps.
Go digital! There not too expesive and great for promoting your work. I point my potential clients for sod,barrier and irrigation jobs that have internet access to my storage site. Also as Eric mentioned, you can take multiple pictures of the same thing and pick the best one. Also by going digital, you can edit your pictures or correct mistakes and add text.:D:)

There are a few places that offer free picture hosting such as photopoint.com. Both myself and Kirby use this site. Click on my link(Some of my work) at the end of my sig.

The camera that I am using is a Kodak model DC240. I got it for $209 at ubid.com. Just have to be careful not to overbid the value of the camera. They said the value was $499, but it was a refurbished camera. I've seen CompUsa and Best Buys selling this refurbished camera for over $400 Still for 209, I don't think I got a bad deal. I'm very happy.

Get at least 1.3 mega pixal, if you want good quality pics.


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Yea, what John said. I have a Cannon that I bought for $200.00 at Comp USA 2 years ago, it's a cheepie but takes good photos, with the 40 MB card I can take almost 1000 photos before downloading or changing the card.