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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bondlawn, Aug 10, 2000.

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    I wanted to ask those of you with web sites if you feel you've gotten any business from it, or is it more of a prestige thing - and good place for other professionals to get info? I know I have gotten info from Eric's site (thanks for the tailgate spring idea Eric, it has sure saved my back). :D

    I was just trying to find out if you actually drummed up business with the site. I wonder how a local business fares on the "world wide" web. Are there tricks to getting the site "found" by locals. Are there people who really go to the web as opposed to the local phone book?

    Any comments and help would be much appreciated.
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    I think a web page helps you stretch your advertising dollars. You can simply put http://www.sitename.com on your business card or yellow pages advertisement and if and when people visit your site they can see pictures, get more info, etc.

    As "Dhicks" at http://www.go-emerald.com. He mentioned to me that he has picked up 5 high profile accounts from his site.

    The yearly cost of a webpage should cost no more than $200 and I think its advertising well spent.

    With this new server I am getting for LawnSite.com I will be able to host sites. If you are interested let me know and I will give you some details on how I can set you up and host your site.

    Chuck Keough
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    Yep, worth every penny! I have 11 year round customers directly from my web site, and last year I made over $7000 in August/September from people finding my web site for aeration and seeding.

    I design and maintain my own site using MS Frontpage, very easy to use.

  4. Eric ELM

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    Another thing you can do it include it on your advertising on your trailer or truck. An easy site name like Bondlawn.com is easy to remember, compared to a phone number and then a future customer can get more info and see pictures of your work. A good place for that is on the back of a trailer. Lots of people follow you in a days time. I have my site to help out other guys, I'm not looking for more work, but if I did need work, I got it set up.
    If I do get a call and I need work, I just have them look at my site to see our work. We lost one last month, because it sold and the new owner mows it himself. A week later we got a referal and I told them to just check out our work on my site, which sold them. Got the snow plowing too. Anyway a website is good in a lot of ways. I feel they are a good advertising tool.

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