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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mattingly, Jan 6, 2000.

  1. mattingly

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    How many of you have web sites out there for your lawn care business? I have seen a few of you list yours on here. I live in a town of about 250,000, Lexington, KY. I don't believe any of the companies have web sites around here. Even the nurseries don't. To me this is a great way to advertise. Sure there are costs with the startup and about 20 a month to run it but it seems like it is the gift that keeps on giving. You hand out a business card with you general info. and web site on it and they can look for themselves. Another question is what kind of pricing info. should I put on there? I don't want to completely list my prices but also I don't want to have no info. for them. There is nothing I hate more than to go to a web site for info. and see that there are no prices. Any info. or chat will help.
  2. Eric ELM

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    I would put in your minimum prices for your work. For example, lawnmowing, prices start at $XX.00 and do the same on other services you have. Another thing you could do that will show what kind of work you do and why your worth it, is put pictures of some of your lawns on your web page. That's about all I have on my pages, but I'm not trying to get more work. We have all we can do and don't plan on getting any bigger. We have found we can only depend on ourselves to show up for work and do the job right. When and if we do go bid a job, I take pictures with me to show the new customer what kind of work we do. I would suggest looking at other guys websites and get some ideas. In case you don't know, click on each guys Profile and if they have a website listed, it will be there to click on. What ever you do, don't go by mine. I threw it together about 3 weeks ago, a first time effort. I sure had fun doing it though. BTW, you can make your own site and not have to pay the $'s each month. Most providers give you 6 Meg of space to use for free. :)<p>----------<br>Eric@ELM<br>http://pages.prodigy.net/eric.erickson/index.html
  3. Lazer

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    Eric,<p>I think your website is sweet. I would never have guessed you &quot;threw it together&quot;. The downside of not paying any money is it doesn't have a easy URL. Many folks wouldn't take the time to type in your specific page from a business card.<p>As far as prices go, I don't think you can include many. Eric's idea about minumims is good, but each property is so unique that a price list isn't practical.<br>
  4. Eric ELM

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    Thanks Lazer, I agree a long URL isn't good to have, but when someone is just starting out, I thought it might help save a few pennys. After reading another post from Mattingly, I noticed he is a college student, so I'm sure he has more experiance in websites than me. If he has less experiance, he has no experiance. LOL I know if a new customer called and asked how much I would charge to do their lawn, all I can tell them is the minumum. That is why I suggested that only. As you said, there are to many factors to give any other prices. I also noticed you have 17 years in this business and still learning. I'm coming up on my 16th and still learning, but I'm still enjoying it. I'm glad you didn't laugh at my site, thanks Lazer. :) <p>----------<br>Eric@ELM<br>http://pages.prodigy.net/eric.erickson/index.html
  5. Jay Raley

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    Guys,<p>I was trying to find a free hosting site for my webpage and tripped over this one:<p>www.Bizland.com<p>They give you 15 meg of space free and the url is cake to use for your business cards. My url is htp://www.TheGoodEarth.Bizland.com.<p>The templates they give you to use for designing your page aren't the greatest but they give you links for other programs (shareware or purchase) for making your page.<p>I had the same concerns about my url and I just tripped over this site. I am so convinced that this url will be easy to use that I am already making scotchlite signs for the gates on my trailers with the address on them. <p>I hope this helps you guys out.<p>----------<br>Jay Raley<br>The Good Earth Grounds Management
  6. klite

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    Jay I was reading on Bizland and they said 35 MB of space and whats that about Domain Name and $70.00 for two years of domain regristration. Do you have to regrester a Domain Name for a web sight I don't know. I hav a friend that writes web sights in HTML(hard wrighting he calls it)does it without Microsoft or other sight writing programs. Well it looks good to me (Bizland .com) , I'm gona ask my friend to check it out and he will tell me what he thinks.<br>Thanks for the info Jay<br>Ken<br>Lightcap Landscape Service
  7. Lazer

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    a domain name is any name that ends with .com, .org, .mil or whatever (generally .com for commercial) Anyway, you generally have to pay to register that name (and keep it registered). Bizland lets you register your name for free with theirs (bizland.com) at the end. They make their money with all the as banners that pop up. <p>It is a cheap and quick way to get a pretty respectable web page.
  8. klite

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    Thanks for the info Lazer (Mr XMark) LOL (Grate Mower) <br>Ken :)
  9. jeffclc

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    I recently got the bug to get a site. I learned a lot, and it is not all that hard. If you want your own domain name, www.youename.com, you must register with the InterNic. It costs $35 per year to have the name registered. The next thing that you need to do is find a web server to store your pages on.<p>MOst of your local internet providers give you 5 megs of server space to host a page. The downside to this is that most won't let you have your own domain name for that type of site, and want you to upgrade to a business account, and that is around $70/month. <p>There are forewarding sites that will use your own domain name, and then foreawrd it to your site on your local providers server. I don't really know how this works. <p>There are also a lot of places out ther that will host your site for free, if you agree to have an advertising banner on the top of your page, similar to the one on the top of this very page. <p>The host site that I chose has the option of using their domain name with your page as a sub page, www.virtualave.yourname.com This is absoultely free, providing you have the banner. <p>I registered my own domain name. I host it on their server, and my address is simply www.crossanlawncare.com. I wanted ot to be as simple as possible.<p>You can create your own site using a varieth of publishing tools. I used Microsoft publisher to create the page. If you can use a Print Shop type of program, you can create a web page. Mine only took about 2 hours to do. I have some changes/modivications that I want to do, but that can wait till I get some time.<p>I don't really think that anyone is going to search the web looking for a lawn care provider, but think that it is a great supplimental resource for the price. You can show people what you are capible of, and show them your equipment, and pretty much anything they would need to know about you. Try putting that on a business card.<p>I am eventually going to try to network with other local non competing business to swap links. This will increase my chances of someone stumbling onto my site. <p>I have some old time customers that think I am still just the kid who cuts grass, and do not know what all I am capible of.<p>My target customer is a baby boomer. MOst if not all of them have nternet access. My other group of target customers are senior citizens. Now, I don't think as many senior citizens have net access, but they probally know someone that does, and if they are interseted, they can have themlook up your site. I have looked up a few pages for my grandmaother.<p><br>I have not yet advertised my site to my customers, or on any other advertising materials, as I am still in the trial stages. Stop by, and let me know what you think. Give me your feedback.Thanks.<p>Jeff<br>www.crossanlawncare.com
  10. mowerparts

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    You can also go to http://www.hypermart.net it is a free web site foe businesses only. They give you 10 megs and bunch of other free<br>services. This is where my site is hosted. You can find it under the directory.<p>----------<br>http://mowerparts.hypermart.net<br>

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