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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MOOSE, Feb 8, 2003.

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    Hi Guys, In the past I have read numerous posts on web sites. I'am in the process of possibly setting up a web site. Basically for the purpose of advertising and clients I have already. One thing for the clients that I already have is to be able to go to the site and click on a spot to pay bill by credit card. But what I'm really looking to you guys for is where did you go thru for your sire. Money is always a issue. I have loked at Yahoo's web site helper and they charge $11.95 a month. Does someone have a cheaper place they use and does it serve your needs or does it suck..

    Also, does anyone have a credit card proceesor that's not cleaning you out. I have looked into Paypal, but the % is high. But it could be worth it. On a $200 bill there getting $8.20 of that..


    I appreciate all help that I will recieve..

  2. nu83

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    It will be hard to beat 4%, especially with the low payment use in this industry. You have to think how many of your customers would pay this way also. Look into auto pay, do a search there is alot of info.
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    I use geocities because it's free. I mainly did it because my site doesn't get much attention from my town anyhow.
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    The problem with geocities (free one) is that the maximun hourly bandwidth is a joke. The page shuts off after a couple picture views. Netfirms is what I use and its done the job, maybe a little overkill for me. I think Im using 20 of 250 MB's and 3 of 25 email addresses.

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