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Weber plate compactor

Willam V

LawnSite Member
Sussex nj
To start things off this is a big compactor, has to be around 300-400lbs(i can barely lift myself), was running it last night and the handle lever that allows the shift in forward and reverse kept coming loose on the left side, tightened, but it kept coming loose, so I just left it and kept going, but what eventually ended up happening is that the more I turned the loose lever the more it loosened itself and on top of that the lever that was not loose would have less room to go forward( basically every time I turned the loose lever the tight lever would lose throttle forward... sorry throttle is the only word on hand I can think of to describe this). So we tightened both sides snug tight and even, then fastforward like 2 minutes the thing makes a sound like the belt just came off. And it stops vibrating, but is still running. Take the belt cover off, belt is still there, a little worn, but still usable and it is tight. But the clutch is sooo hot, too much to touch, and I did notice a bit of burning smoke a couple of seconds after the incident. The clutch is also real stiff which doesn't seem right to me. I'm gonna post two pics of the machine after posting so you guys see what I'm working with.



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chesapeake, va
Never worked on one of them, but I'd say the clutch was slipping badly . You should pull the clutch and scuff up the drum and shoes a bit.

W/o model numbers, can't tell much about yer unit. Ya need to get the levers tightened up, right ?
Use a drop of LockTite on the nuts/bolts. Should keep 'em from loosening up.