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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by White Gardens, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. White Gardens

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    But I'd like to get all your thoughts on it so far.

    One other big change we might make is to take photo albums of our projects off the facebook page and integrate them into the web-page to make it more dynamic. Word Press has a facebook integration tool that will simplify this process. The Farm House photo album on the site was pulled directly from facebook.

    Again, could use some input, always tweaking, thanks! Thumbs Up

  2. PaperCutter

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    I've seen some of the projects posted in other threads so I know you do nice work. What made you decide to choose the pics in the slideshow on your homepage? I don't think they reflect you at all.
  3. White Gardens

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    That's what my designer has put in for the time being. I do his lawn work and he in return is designing the page and doing the SEO work.

    The SEO and blog editing is what I really need from him along with the main construction of the page to help with the organic hits. So far he's got the page hitting in the top three on a couple of searches, so I'm happy with his results so far.

    Once the base is finished, I'll mess with the homepage photos and spruce them up. As a whole I'll be changing them up every now and then to keep it "fresh" so to speak.

  4. Roger

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    Under "service area," a Google map shows up. It has no markings on it, rather it is a plain Google map, subject to zoom in/out. As a visitor, if I roll my thumb wheel on the mouse, I get a larger or smaller map. It does not identify your service area.

    Perhaps you need a fixed map, with the area you work shaded, or otherwise clearly marked. You need a map that is not subject to change by the viewer.
  5. White Gardens

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    I'm pretty sure my google place page service area map is supposed to go in there, and I've been fighting with google the last couple of weeks as my listing has disapeared and they haven't resolved the issue yet.

    I have and actual street adress in the town we are out of and google keeps insisting that it's a county road number and not a named street.

    That and with my google plus page, they aren't allowing the merger of the plus page and place page at this time. I don't understand why they had to make something so complicated and it makes me want to scream!
  6. tonygreek

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    I would wager that you're not in compliance with Google's TOS and the naming of the street has little, if anything, to do with it. You're a Service Area Business and should have your address hidden. A quick look at your "business" address in GMaps shows that you're clearly not a place that accepts customers. If you were previously trying to use your PO Box that's listed on your site's contact info, and then switched to your home address, you've probably only drawn greater scrutiny.

    Basically, you're fighting a battle you won't win and it will not be resolved in the manner you would hope. If you go in to your G Dashboard, you'll see where you can hide your address. I would suggest doing so and then go from there.
  7. White Gardens

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    Did this about 2 months ago with no change......
  8. tonygreek

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    A lot of businesses were summarily dismissed from Google Maps/Local in the later months of 2012, usually for compliance and quality reasons. The problem for some legitimate location companies is that they were swept up in the purge. If you previously did not have your address hidden and were trying to show up on maps with it, you probably entered their version of limbo. If you were always set to be an Address Hidden - Service Area Business, then you might have been accidentally snagged in their purge.

    If you dealt with Google on this, I assume you've followed the next steps, but if not, make sure you follow their quality guidelines exactly and then open a support request.

    Google Places Quality Guidelines

    Google Places Support
  9. White Gardens

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    I've requested support about 4 times now.

    One time I got an e-mail stating the issue of showing your address and the tech said he fixed it.

    Still nothing.

    Tried the forum and got just a bunch of links to the same old answers.

    Still nothing.

    Sent another help request recently and they said the engineers were going to look into it and resolve the issue in about a week.

    That was two weeks ago.

    Getting frustrated to say the least, I partially want to delete my place page listing and varify my google+ listing, but I was told not to varify my place page listing until google gave the OK for that to happen.

    So I don't want to delete the place page until I know it wouldn't cause any repercussions.

    Seems like ever since they stated integrating google+ I've had the issue and just recently created the unverified google plus page. Why this is so difficult is beyond me.

    GO FACEBOOK! :rolleyes:

    Still frustrated.

    The thing about the address issue is that we've tried to have items delivered to our house and some companies say that our physical address doesn't exist as they want to keep referring to the county road address.

    I blame this on google as well even if not related to my place page.

  10. Ben Bowen

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    For help on the Google issue you have to check out

    There will find a blow by blow account of this debacle. You will also see that there is now phone support for Google+ Local pages.
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