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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Orrdc, May 30, 2012.


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    nice site ;)

    i'm gonna design my own. i'm in the puter business too...

    i only mow so far, so it won't be as extensive as yours, but i gotta start some where...

    here's the latest site i designed for a buddy in the construction/framing business...
  2. Mylawnquote

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    Not a bad site.

    I'm a web developer who also happens to be the creator/owner of

    However, with my web design & development firm I've done many lawncare related sites (way more than i care to admit) such as the ones below if anyone ever wanted a custom website developed, my company website is

    Just thought i'd throw it out there if anyone was in need of web services.

  3. mikosiko

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    Would you send me info on your entire process to get your site done and up. Cant pm yet so send it to please thanks buddy...
  4. Mike_13

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    not sure how many posts i need to send you a pm..... but i would really be interested in getting more info about setting up your website. if i can not pm, you can email me at thanks!!
  5. Utah Lawn Care

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    Your site is very bright, catchy and professional looking. I just made mine in a couple afternoons without knowing anything about making a site. It's good enough for someone just starting though.
  6. goodfriend

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    hello, kindly pm me about website info/designer too! if you can't pm my email is Thanks
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  7. NaturalLandscape

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    I played around with making a website for our family business and just had it launched a few days ago. Pretty satisfied with the way it looks but I'm still wondering how to bring traffic to it. My dad has been in the business for decades and never had a website so hopefully this can help out somewhat. Guess we're going to have to remake the business cards now to add the URL!
  8. lafrance4078

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    OP, can you PM the designers info? I would appreciate it. I'm not a web developer and as such, shouldn't expect a great site if I design. So I don't mind paying for professional services.
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  9. your lawn jockey

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    Hello, like other on this site I really like your website: it is simple and easy visually. I am looking to start my lawn care company and I need something like this. Could you provide me with the information? I would really like to know what your site cost to develop and maintain as I am new and have limited lawn care income at the moment. I am not in your part of the country so there wouldn't be any conflict. Any info you could provide would be very welcome. My personal email address is
    Ricky Higginbotham
  10. Njon16

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    Your website looks awesome I've been looking to get a website started if you could send me a pm with details also that'd be great..:dancing:

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