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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jhastrello, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. jhastrello

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    Well, I've come up from being head down working on our website. It's not complete, but working and 'most' of the content is there. Be glad to have any comments and/or suggestions.

    Also, finalized my equipment last week. My local dealer (found dealer first, then went through the decision making process) sponsored a 2 day 'Open House'. Commercial accounts on Friday and residential on Saturday. Best thing: 10% off. So I was able to save a nice chunk of change.

    Exmark, Redmax, and Shindaiwa reps were on site. I got to try out and find explore all types of equipment. Settled on Shindaiwa, for a number of reasons. First, the rep treated me professionally, and wasn't simply trying to blow smoke up my britches. Secondly, he made suggestions that were aligned with my needs. Also, the dealer thought that I'd be better off staying with the Shindaiwa line. Helps he is a top tier Shindaiwa dealer. Bottom line is, I wound up with less equipment than was being 'recommended' by Redmax, and I really thought that the Shindaiwa equipment performed better (some pieces).

    The new blower that I got is a MONSTER. Man, that thing really churns out the air. Used it on Sunday cleaning up my beds/landscape in my back yard. Simply stated: It's a beast. And easy on the back/shoulders. :weightlifter:

    The T282 String Trimmer (brand new - got one of the first in the field) just simply felt more balanced and better to me than any of the others that I tried.

    I finally decided to go 'commercial' on my Trim Mower, with the Honda. Used it on my small yard Sunday, and simply was significantly impressed. Those dual cutting blades and direct drive are the best. Expensive (although got the 10% off on it) - but the cut is incredible. :clapping:

    All for now. Let me know what you think about the website.

  2. addictedtolandscaping

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    Website is really cool. Curiosity though, are you just starting gout or been in the business for a whole, going on the :finalized equipment" comment. If just getting going, when did you do the jobs in the pictures?? I like the way the slide show progresses.
  3. jhastrello

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    Just starting out. The photo's represent our 'design gallery' (as stated on the page). It is not meant to be a representation of the work that we 'have done'.

    I didn't want to be mis-leading about it, but I'm guessing that some people will think that's our 'actual portfolio'. When we get the other pictures (some before and afters, actual designs, etc), it will probably be more evident.

    On the 'about' page, we clearly indicate that we are starting out from a 'business perspecitive', but do have many years experience in designing, installing and maintaining lawns here in Texas (also in SC). We've done and re-done many landscapes, for we have moved around quite a bit - along with helping others.

    Thanks for the kudo's on the website. It's a FrontPage Template from a vendor (obvsiously designed for landscape and lawncare), that I customized and then added the content to. The template handles the basic 'theme'; menu's and navigation.

    Took awhile to get the photo progressions to work properly, but once figured out, fairly simple. Biggest item was to get the pic's as close to 640 x 480 in size, so they work the best.
  4. Grits

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    Looking good.
  5. Precedence

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    Website looks good, only things i'd change are taking the sound off and removing the mouse tracer effect.
  6. jhastrello

    jhastrello LawnSite Member
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    Have had several suggestions to remove the sound. Probably will be gone in a few days. No 'mouse tracer effect' purposely on the pages, that I'm aware of. But I'll certainly check.

  7. RegalLawnCare.Com

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    I think the site looks really great. Nice work! What you need to add is an online service request form. This should be omnipresent - the biggest point of having the website, in my opinion, isn't necessarily to wow them with how the site looks, but rather to get as many leads as possible. The quality of service you provide will be what influneces them. We receive a large percentage our leads through the website, and that only occured when I really simplified the site and made the service request form available on every page. Just my 2 cents.....Other than that ommission, the site does look great!

  8. jhastrello

    jhastrello LawnSite Member
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    Thanks. Very much appreciate the tip. I'll get it incorporated!
  9. RegalLawnCare.Com

    RegalLawnCare.Com LawnSite Member
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    No problem. I know that your service offerings are different than ours are, but if you want an example take a look at ours:

    I use a software called CoffeCup to develope this...It looks like you've got the development part taken care of.


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