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Website credit center / delivery complaint

turf hokie

LawnSite Silver Member
Metro NY
Have been trying to register and login for the credit manager section. I cannot register. It keeps kicking back to me something is not entered right.

I have double and triple checked, it is right. Current statement and all.

Called corporate number that they give if there is a problem.

Guess what, he does not know why I can't register and does not have the ability to help me. It must be something I did wrong b/c people are using this everyday.

Maybe this goes along the lines of the delivery that I got the other day. Trailer load of dimension was supposed to be shipped to my warehouse. I get a call from the local pharmaceutical mfgr that I have a truck at their dock and the driver will not leave even with the bill of lading that has my warehouse address on it. For some reason the driver thinks he is at the right spot, he can't speak english, I had to go physically remove him from the wrong site.

Again, the bill of lading had MY address not the pharmaceutial company.

The driver tried to deliver 22 pallets of chemicals them. This is not good.

My local service center is handling the problem with the delivery, but they get the same run around that I do.

Can you help me with the website?

Can you help so that when I have a problem the service centers have some ability to fix the problem and not have the same hoops to jump thru that I do?