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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by scaper27, Nov 3, 2005.

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    error please see msg below.
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    You have 15 years in the business, and have nothing to say about your company? The site needs an editorial about the company and what you can offer your clients besides what type of services you provide. Try to write a short intro about your company and put it on the main page.

    Good points:)

    Site loads fast
    Easy to Navigate
    No Flash
    No plugins needed to download to view site (I hate that one)

    Bad points:help:

    No written content (editorial)
    Navigation changes on different pages, however since site is small this may not apply
    No detail on services (i.e. "Stone"...what about it?)
    No Meta Keywords or Description
    Visible Hit Counter

    Nobody is going to find this site via a web search engine (i.e., etc...), and if this is a tool you use to show potential clients your work as a portfolio...they may go elsewhere...just because the way it is presented...the site looks like it was put together just so you can say you have a website, and not a direct reflection on what your company portrays... "Convenient and punctual service, Long-term quality to your standards, Safe and clean job sites, and Competitive prices." Right? These are the things that a clients values most, but in the long run it is all based on how it is presented.

    Some people have taken my direct approach to criticism the wrong way, but my intentions are good. I just want to go beyond the comments of "It looks good" or "It sucks". So please note that these are my opinions on what should be changed to improve your site.
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    thats why i posted here. Thanks. I appreciate the criticism. Thats what I want, so I can make changes.

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