Website for my business what do you think?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by PabsMaster, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. PabsMaster

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  2. TriCityLawnCareLLC

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    Well, It looks like you created it yourself-nothing wrong with that, at least it's a start. Your company name on the home page needs to be in different colors or maybe even highlighted in white so that it stand out more. That's probably my only major critique.
  3. Duekster

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    You used the word sense when it should of been since
  4. Ray_Lawns

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    Lots of spelling issues on the services page.
  5. tonygreek

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    Pabs, it needs some serious work, starting with what the others here have mentioned. Even if just a text logo, the red font doesn't work with the green background, and you're using half of my screen to tell me just the name of your business. And the typos are a big problem. If it helps, type it up in your email or document software or browser that does spell checking and then copy and paste it over to your page builder.

    If you read through the archives here and pay extra attention to the various site review requests, you can get the sense of what the web building process is like, as well as advice on how to handle the various components that make up your site, from content to user interaction to design elements to search engine optimization. You'll also want to search here for Wix web sites and you'll get a heads up on the various pitfalls you might/will run into.

    On a related note...
    Since it seems you're a relatively new company, one question I have is "How invested are you on the name of your business?". I go down the following road any time people start swapping out phonetic changes to common spelling... From a branding standpoint, strictly speaking, "PabsMasterz", which you seem to present as all being one word, is probably not an easy one to pitch to clients without having to explain yourself as it doesn't really connote lawn care. When you add "Lawn Care" to the end of it, such as for your domain name, it becomes a fairly long string that requires an explanation, especially as it pertains to the "Z" instead of an "S". Simply put, if your phone calls or pitches go along the line of this, you're probably not going down the right marketing path: "Thanks for calling. If you'd like further information, please visit our web site at, and that's a "z" and not an "s". No, not "pabz" or "mazters" or "mazterz", but "masterz".".".
  6. greg8872

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    I don't have much time, so I'm not reading the replies of others, just giving a shooting from the hip overview (anymore I save complete site reviews for real full sites)

    Two big strikes right off the bat:

    1. I have to search around to find out where you service

    2. I have to search around to find out your phone number.

    These two things should be easily found on your home page.

    Color scheme, especially for the company name rings "DIY", a gmail account also does not lend to a professional image.

    I won't go into the issues of Wix, as they have been covered many times in these threads. If all you care about is google's results and how they work "today" then no big deal since wix is using tricks to get google to see the content... FOR NOW, however keep in mind google changes its rules often, and more and more people are using their default browser (IE) with it's default search engine (bing), which, which doesn't index WIX sites well, if at all.

    What does your site look like to search engines? No, that is no mistake that nothing is there, that is what search engines see.

  7. Duekster

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    I was easing into the disappointment but I think back to my first site
  8. PabsMaster

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    Thanks guys, I am on it. Mr. Greg how do you recommend I fix the bing issue.
    I will show you guys the final site when it is done. Thanks again.

  9. greg8872

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    Sorry to have to give the answer, but quit using Wix. (or see if they still have any older site template where when you click on links, actual pages load and the URL changes (and I'm not talking about anything after a #)

    Wix on their site is happy to list they got the work around in for google to be able to be fed content loaded via AJAX (the method used), but how long that will keep working, and when will other search engines start accepting that, there are no definite answers.
  10. tonygreek

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    Pabs, hit the advanced search function here and search "Wix" posts from the last year and you'll find additional details. It's really just easiest to point you to those posts as we go into the specific issues with their sites. I think the most recent was BestRockford's site.

    As Greg mentions re: Wix, it's really one of those things where, if you're set on using it, there's really not much help we can provide as it tends to get time intensive and beyond the scope of why you're probably using their service in the first place.

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