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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Deererunner, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. dlonestar

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    I use 1and1 for one of my sites, very happy with them.
  2. PerfectEarth

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    Check out Weebly.

    EASY to use, you can buy your domain name, you can edit your site anytime you want, the templates aren't too terrible. I like being able to quickly and easily update my site and add stuff on... it's not glamourous but it's a good start to get info and pics to your potential customers. I think content is key, even if the design is simple.
  3. steveparrott

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    I've been designing sites and working with various hosts for the past 10 years. I finally ended up with solely using Network Solutions. They're not the cheapest but they probably offer the best support, the best security, the best server management, and the best offering of free features.

    The support is especially critical, I can reach a highly skilled troubleshooter 24/7, who not only identifies the problem but fixes it for me. Working with other cheap hosts has been a nightmare on the support side - long waits on support lines, incompetent support people, sometimes not even being able to reach a human. Poor support costs me many hours of wasted time. Support is especially critical if you're using a CMS system like Joomla or WordPress.

    Another place where cheaper hosts fall flat is with customer support regarding billing and account management. Many horror stories to tell of customers getting overcharged, not being notified when bills come due, and difficulties in closing and transfering accounts.
  4. Deererunner

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    I'm creating one now with Weebly, trying it out to see how much I like having a website before I spend all of the money for one. But for the most part, I am able to do what I am looking for now but I know eventually I'll need to move to another hosting site.
  5. nr7pro

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    It's actually been the other way around for me, and many others. GoDaddy is NOT a hosting company by any means, sure they offer hosting, but that's about it. Its cheap and its great for static pages only.

    Anything running on any Content Management System will be slowwwwww, because their database connection times are terrible! ~3 seconds just to connect to the database? wow This is on they're new 4GH hosting.
    Before 4GH it was even worse...

    But again for static pages, including their website tonight - no problems.

  6. jonthepain

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    i've been happy with fatcow. dreamweaver connects to it just fine. i've got over 20 sites hosted there, and a few forums, no problem. not bad for 3 bucks a month.
  7. HostColor

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    I've seen some good hosting providers mentioned above. May I say what would work good for anyone who's not in web design and web hosting business?

    I'd recommend anyone to use middle-sized web hosts that have a good business record. the reason to say "middle-sized" is that you'd might not get resolution on many issues which look to be easy to resolve if you have to deal with a large provider/ Employees there do not make decisions. They follow procedures only. last year I needed to call 10 times a Canadian domain registrar to unlock and bring up a domain name. They locked it and hijacked it only because there was a wrong zip code in the registrant's contacts. The website was down for 5 days because, despite being very big, the company just didn't have 24/7 support (a standard in this industry) and no one took responsibility to resolve issue. On top of these there were holidays in Canada. So the business gone for 5 days!

    Most web hosting providers do not register with BBB so you'd just go an search by their hame is Google or any other Search engine. Hope that this helps!
  8. justinc

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    I use and have been happy with them.
  9. topsites

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    Seriously it makes no difference, I've paid as much as $100 a month and the only thing I found to be true
    is that more money don't mean diddly to them, either the host wants your business or they're out fishing.
    They don't give a F dude.

    They all promise you the world.
    But none of them, Not a ONE!
    I have never once in 12 years encountered ONE host who could even attempt to perform as their web site claims.
    Just for example, 99.9% uptime guarantee means your web site can only be down ONE hour for every 1,000 it is online.
    Sound like an easy challenge?
    Most hosts don't even come close to 99%, yet they all claim it, every last one of them does.
    You'd be surprised how often your web site is down and you don't even know it.

    The thing is they're all like that, you can go from one to the next until the end of time,
    no matter what they promise or how much you pay, it is what it is.
    Granted, some are better and some are worse.

    But why make the mistake of thinking that paying more somehow results in better?
    It doesn't.

    One day I got tired of paying an arm and a leg for the same shitty service.
    It is what it is.
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  10. topsites

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