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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Stringblade, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Stringblade

    Stringblade LawnSite Member
    from pgh pa
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    This year I launched my website and the results were amazing:)
    One local add a little website optimization and very fast I rose to the top of the search engines for "Pittsburgh landscaping company" "Pittsburgh Fertilization" and many other keyword phrases.

    Anyhow to make a long story short I landed at least 25 jobs this year and even sold many leads. that I would have never had If it wasn't for the website and my magic un-blockable popup window. The best part is it only pops when it knows a potential customer is ready to leave with out filling out your own contact form

    Try it your self.
    Go to-
    let the page load then try to exit.
  2. Dunn's

    Dunn's LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,534

    No thanks I don't want to be stuck on your page with some kind of virus leaching into my computer.
  3. Stringblade

    Stringblade LawnSite Member
    from pgh pa
    Messages: 98

    Maybe I phrased that wrong it does not keep you from leaving it just pops up and gives a second chance to capture the lead. From what I found is that 1 in 3 people who come to my site fill it out. And if you don't want to you just simply close it.
  4. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 21,653

    I knew what you meant...

    Looks good, but I'd see about optimizing those first three images, they're sluggish loading even on cable.
    Doesn't have to be instant, but I believe if you slim them down you'll get even more traffic.

    How it works is every second past 10 or 12 that it takes to load, visitors close their browsers, it works oddly in percents, like so:
    18 seconds = 50% visitors lost.
    24 seconds = 90% visitors lost
    And much past 30 seconds few remain.

    So if you're doing good now, just see about compressing the images to like 60 or 70%, do be willing to sacrifice a small amount of quality, the traffic dividends are well worth it. You can't lose, make a back up of the originals if you want, try it on for 24-48 hours and see if your traffic doesn't increase.
    If it doesn't maybe you're not slimming them down enough, I can absolutely guarantee it will make a difference.

    If you can't slim them down enough without compromising beyond acceptable levels...
    You might even create a separate page, link to it as a 'gallery,' folks then are aware and you'll lose even less visitors.

    As for the 'wait dont leave yet...'
    It doesn't bother me much because I wasn't there looking for something, but that kind of stuff can frustrate, I wouldn't do it...
    I mean, if they're leaving, let them go...
    I know it's innocent, you know it is, but unfortunately more than a few unscrupulous webmasters have made this practice what it is.
    Popups cost you considerable traffic, be it a popup or popunder or popbehind or whatever, they're really not very safe, folks don't like them as a rule.

    So once you have traffic, as you can see you can increase it easily from within, you'd be surprised, I'd be willing to bet you can double your statistical hits or visitors with some tweaks, it would be a shame not to.

    Other than that gtg, not trying to put you down, just helping.
  5. Stringblade

    Stringblade LawnSite Member
    from pgh pa
    Messages: 98

    Top sites, Thanks for the tip on the images Ive been meaning to tweak stuff like that. I don't agree on just letting the customer go here is another example of how good this works check out my other website
    This site gets lots of visitors a day most of my leads are from the Magic Pop-up form.
  6. Dirty Water

    Dirty Water LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,794

    The popup form opened before the page even finished loading for me.

    Thats annoying.
  7. getthenet

    getthenet LawnSite Member
    Messages: 142

    I Just Started Building A Website Myself Knowing Nothing About Them. I Think I Am Going To Mess With It For A Few Weeks To See What I Want On It And Turn It Over To The Pros. Your Site Looks Very Nice, And Good Work Too. I Love Any Kind Of Hardscaping.
  8. Dunn's

    Dunn's LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,534

    Wow you guys aren't kidding that is the slowest loading website ever. I think you need to find a new host. I have super high speed dsl and it still wasn't all loaded by time I got tired of waiting.
  9. Stringblade

    Stringblade LawnSite Member
    from pgh pa
    Messages: 98

    I think I got the page loading time fixed. can someone please check it out who doesn't have the cookies/cache already set and let me know.

    I really cant tell my computer is a brand new Mac and very fast
    Your help and critique are both appreciated


    SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 763

    it loaded in just a couple of seconds for me.

    The only thing i have a problem with is your gallery. First, the wall with the steps cut into it. are those wooden steps on a srw wall? also, what is the rise on those treads? it looks like 10". BTW, code is 7.5" to 8" max. Also, are you putting drains and geogrid in those walls. It looks like you just threw them up with no reguards to NCMA standards. Then the other thing would have to be the picture of one of your guys working on a job with his shirt off? first of all, i would through a guy off the job for taking his shirt off, second i sure as heck would not put it on my website. Talking about screaming scrub.

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