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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by nriddle77, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. nriddle77

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    Where do you get pictures for your websites? Obviously the best place would be your own work but what if that is not an option? Right now the temp. is a red hot 104, and everything looks really bad. Do I need to wait for the fall the take pictures of my current lawns, or is it ok to use pics. from the web? If so, where could I find appropriate pictures? I am not looking to be dishonest and claim someone else's work as my own, but I need something other than text.
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    Don't use pictures that don't belong to you. Only use pictures that you took or have permission to use, otherwise you could get into some copyright problems. If you "borrowed" some pics from my site, you would have problems.
  3. B & B Yardscape

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    If your web site is so new that you don't have your own pictures to use on it, then my guess would be that no one is looking at it yet. Wait until stuff looks good, take your own pictures and post them. People will know if the pics aren't yours and that will make you look bad.
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    Or search google for "royalty free images"

    You will have to pay to get permission to use the images. Not sure how much it runs.
  5. H2O

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    nriddle77 , This question comes up often.

    I know that irrigation companies such as Hunter and RainBird provide "stock photography" free for use, when agreeing to their usage terms. Upon request they will even send you a CD with hi res copies for print. The IA (Irrigation Association) also has an extensive library of stock images for use by members.
    Large landscape equipment manufacturers most likely have stock photos too.

    But Always First Get Permission To Use Stock © images.
    Read and follow their agreements. Most likely you will agree to post “This image courtesy of Insert Name Here” under the photo on your web site.

    The problem with stock photography is that lots of landscapers use the same images. These pixs will not set you apart from your competition.

    Keep in mind, a Good web site can lead to Great profits!
    Yes, web site visitors quickly lose interest with text. Great photos grab and keep your potential customers attention.

    Great links to visit:

    US Copyright Law

    Corbis - Royalty free images

    Comstock - Royalty free images

    Shutterstock - Royalty free stock photos by subscription.

    Creative Commons

    As referred to in another thread...

    Image Search/PicSearch/Google Search - BEWARE: ALL image search engines and directories are subject to copyright law!

    example:Google Image Search -
    “The images identified by the Google Image Search service may be protected by copyrights. Although you can locate and access the images through our service, we cannot grant you any rights to use them for any purpose other than viewing them on the web. Accordingly, if you would like to use any images you have found through our service, we advise you to contact the site owner to obtain the requisite permissions.”

    If you can not afford to hire a professional photographer, invest in a decent digital camera and display a portfolio of your own work. But make sure to optimize your photos correctly for quick download. Nothing more annoying than horrible color, improperly sized, pixelated images that drive customers away.

    Web Site SEO (search engine optimization) is very important.
    Photo / Image Optimization is equally as important.

    Good Luck!
  6. cbscreative

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    How bad is bad? A professional photographer can still work with it if it's not too bad. A graphic designer skilled in Photoshop can correct flaws as long as it doesn't require so much work that it looks unnatural. It might be best to wait if it looks too bad to get good photos.

    I agree that stock photos are not only easy to spot as stock photos, the same ones really do end up in many different places. Using your own (if you have a good camera and decent photography skills) or a pro photographer is always the best option if you want your site taken seriously.
  7. UpNorth

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