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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by JTS Landscaping lawn, May 4, 2008.

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    im looking to get a website going and want something cheap there i guess are some that are 4.95 a month. does anyone have any good sites i can go to to build my own. thanks
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    I use Lycos to host mine. It is $4.95 a month. Or Free with ad pop ups. I used the free stuff to build and design it. When I was done, I paid to remove the ads.

    They also have templates or you can write your own code.

    Good Luck
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  4. WebMan

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    There are numerous ones n that range and even lower depending on the number of pages you want. However I always find it amusing when I see a post like this on any forum (I see them on some web hosting forums a lot) with a "budget" of $5 a month.
    This is 2008! Your web site often defines your company these days. I mean think about are on the web to be posting here, you are bound to look at web sites for products or services you use. I found my current vehicle on the web, got just what I wanted and would never have driven to a dealership 2 hours a way just "looking" in person or even thought of that dealer. My wife's car was totaled in a huge hailstorm she was in a few weeks ago. She found a 2007 car to quickly replace hers at a nearby dealership but then went on the "web" and found a 2008 with lower miles for a lower price at another dealer 45 minutes away--no-brainer choice.
    I use this "perfect" example because my wife uses her laptop for 2 things; playing solitaire (for hours) and searching the web when she wants to buy something.

    So what makes ANY business think their customers are any different nowadays?
    Do the people you do or want to do work for not have Internet access? What makes you think people don't look on the web for lawn care/landscaping providers?

    Look at some of the stories right here in these forums about the great results people have got from their sites. Then why "budget" $5 a month for what may be the only identity or image of your company some potential customers ever see?
    Your phone costs 5X that much even if you use something like Vonnage and if you advertise in the yellow pages or any thing else, even post cards, it will cost more than $5 X 12 months for a yearly advertising cost.
    I have no "dog in this hunt" since I work with 2 companies, and one provides a site builder & such for as low as $2.95 a month for a small site and then the $5 range etc. BUT the other only charges about $3-$5 a month more (still less than $10) and their site builder is 10X better. Not only is the overall quality of the site builder program better but so is the hosting speed/quality and I know (from experience because I have done some "tweaking" for their customers) their site builder has the important option of being able to switch to HTML and the ease of being able to do "imports" from things you may already have like Microsoft Word (which can't be directly "pasted" on to a web page).
    So if you build a site yourself then have a friend or someone who knows search engines and the importance of "tags" and "site maps" and such in getting good results from your site they can switch to "code view" and do things someone who builds sites "from scratch" would do to improve your site.

    Also the quality of the program makes it more likely you will have a better end-result and convey a better "image" for your company than a cheaper program, ad we are still talking "nothing" per month compared to any other advertising. So even having a site professionally built then paying for hosting is well "worth it" but certainly if you are going to do it yourself don't limit yourself on selection over the difference in say $5 and $10 a month when you are talking about a whopping extra $60 a year in advertising cost if you go with something that costs twice what you are "budgeting"... and a poor site can chase business to a competitor who has a good site as quickly as a good site can bring them to you.
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    Now I am guilty of not paying for some good graphic work which I do intend to remedy soon, but the above quote is one that is so true, the cost of internet functionality is minuscule next to rewards.
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    yahoo is awesome! they host our web page, and give us business email--with upto 25 accounts. that's something in the range of 12 per month, though. There's probably cheaper options.

    I design and build my own site, and yahoo hosts.
    Zilan Landscape Design, LLC

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