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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by TurnerLawn&Landscape, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. TurnerLawn&Landscape

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    I am going to get a website and the company i met with is going to charge $500 to get it set up and running, but then the want $60/month for the year. i will be able to edit my pics and stuff like that, wondering how this compares with the rest of you?
  2. nativeCO

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    I did mine myself. I'm on a free trial right so I've paid nothing and my site's up and running. and are good hosting sites that make it easy for anyone to build their own website. If you're proficient at English, then i wouldn't pay, especially that much
  3. BradLewisLawnCare

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    Just pay a designer up front locally... Then pay the hosing $5-20 month. Or gives templates. My roomate in college was a comp sci major so I lucked out
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  4. unkownfl

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    Messages: 3,837 They're a SEO company so it will get you on the front page of your search engines. Their monthly fee is a lot more then 60 though. Anyone can build a page its all in the code/key words on how it performs.
  5. McG_Landscaping

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    I bought my domain and hosting for around $55 with a special on It is super easy to use and update and you get an email address too. I like it so far and this was the best option after some researching by myself and my computer science major roommate
  6. volito

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    There are quite a few Hosting companies out there....I use one of the big ones for years hosting a few sites. Once you sign up its around seven dollars a month and cheaper if you pay in advance. The free templates are decent but very limited but can get a professional site. Personally I use Joomla its a steep learning curve but once you get it you can get results of a pro.

    I am new to this site and the guys over in the landscaping lighting are very helpful! I know my way around websites and computers so I would help in anyway i can....

    Not sure if I can put some of my sites in signature on this forum or I would put a few of my sites in there for examples...

    hope this helps a bit
  7. Georgia Lawn Works LLC

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  8. rockerchris

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    $60.00 a month is crazy ridiculous... I use and pay about $7.50/month. Probably could get it even cheaper depending on your needs. I designed my site ( myself from scratch using dreamweaver, however I am pretty tech savvy. Above all else though, shy away from the crappy premade and repetive templates that you see all over the place and get a unique and proffesional design. A good design really should not cost you that much, maybe $300-500. It may seem like a lot, but a website in today's world, your website is your most valuable marketing tool. Most consumers use the internet to shop for services. If you are not online then you are really missing out on potential customers. Focus on good content as well so that you can get a good page rank in Google.

  9. carlspano

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    Just wondering how this website deal worked out for you? I'm new here but I really need a website and not sure who to trust. I'm in the Tampa Bay area.
  10. Georgia Lawn Works LLC

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    Rent a coder. I have used them before with great results. Everything is real secure. Its mainly people from india and they work for pennies on the dollar designing web sites. Check them out and read up on. Their web site about what the process is like. You have a web site live before any money is transfered. And when it is transfered its put in a escrow for a number of days to make sure you get what you paid for.
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