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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by BeautifulBlooms, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. BeautifulBlooms

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    Anyone actively use a website to advertise or send their customers to the site? If so do you have recommendations, I wouldnt mind learning how to build a website. I have one on geocities for free but I know it will need to be more professional than that.
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    I think that you'll find that most people with a site do not rely on them exclusively for their marketing campaigns. That being said, the smartest use of a site is to brand every single thing you put out there(invoices, cards, proposals, ads, flyers, truck lettering, etc.) with your web address. Web space is very cheap when compared to print and other forms of communicating with your customers. It gives you the opportunity to speak at whatever lengths you deem necessary to educate and inform your clients and potential clients in greater detail about your services and how they pertain to them. Also, the flexibility to change your message in an instant is tough to beat. The percentage of people that are web savvy finding info grows every single day and for the dollar, it's pretty much a no brainer. There is a wide variety of programs, complex and simplistic to help you get at least a basic presence online, just make sure that it crossbrands your phone # and address on every single page and that you include the address on all your printed material and other advertising.
  3. hobbsd

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    I am interested in setting up online pay for a website, can someone who has already set one up tell me how to go about it??

    Thank You
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    You'll need some html knowledge insofar as to how to create a form-based input page, then you'll need an online credit card transaction place that takes care of the transactions for you. This is the easy way, the hard way is to get setup with SSL (secure socket layer) which costs a minimum annual fee (like 100 dollars or so) and then unless YOU can process the cards, you still need someone to process it for you, hence why not let them handle the transaction in the first place.
    Two such places, I use Clickbank myself but have been using it for many years and am a bit stuck on it, thou I hear say 2CO is a really good place and likely better than Clickbank in terms of fees, the links are:

    For an example of how it works, now my form is not lawncare-related but it involves a service and it costs money... Should you decide to 'test' my form, please put in the comments section you are 'username' from so I know who is playing with my forms lol, and it is available here:
    Which is linked from:

    You may use my form to see how it works you can fill in some bs info OR you can leave it all blank it should still work but
    mention who you are from lawnsite in comments, then click 'next step' and you can go I think one page further before you have to back out,
    but this will give you an idea.
    And yes of course you may view-source

    Peace out

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  5. mikefromny

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    if you need a website , pm me i just did one for sunrise landscaping he loved it , hehe
  6. greenweb

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    It is essential in today's marketplace to have a functional web site. It can be anything that you want it to be, but it must convey all the great aspects of your business. Folks today generally don't go to the yellow book anymore, they hit the internet. If your site looks professional, well organized and easy to use, potential customers will think that you have your act together and give you a call. If you are interested in a site call Solution Managers International (973) 244-0555 x38. Great company, professional and very personal attention. Best of all, they can work with all budgets.

    Good Luck!

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