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Website Review.. Please Help!

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by alcl1, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. alcl1

    alcl1 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 39

    Hi Guys. I have been having some issues in regards to my website. I am receiving alot of traffic, however many viewers are not going past the first page... example being i have had 1200 views in the past month on the first page, and 22 have visited other pages, and only 2 have visited the contact us page...

    I have recently made changes to the site in regards to photos, layout and ease-ability in hopes that people visit the contact us page more... would i be able to get an outsiders perspective and comments on what changes should be implemented? or some constructive criticism that needs to be addressed.. Thanks in advance.

  2. tonygreek

    tonygreek LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,076

    Re: the 1,200 home page views, take a look at the recent "Amazon Bot" thread and follow those steps.

    Re: site improvements, I'd take a look at the home page, pretend you're a prospective customer, and see how engaged you are. From a mobile standpoint, it's fine. From the desktop, it's a wall of text, so maybe focus on making the different sections a bit more defined for those wide screen visitors.

    Watch for wash out. Your white logo is illegible on the homepage's photo background. On desktop, the pre-scroll menu options of light gray on white are a tough read (think of your target demographic's eyesight). Same goes for the "Contact Us" button on desktop.

    And you're killing your mobile phone visitors by pushing that homepage gallery to them. 12+ second load time and 9+mb of data and a staggering 193 server requests required to render the page, with a page grade of a 5% F. Hit GTMetrix or Google PageSpeed to test.

    Of note, the Facebook Likes widget and a bunch of Google Fonts being loaded aren't doing you any favors. Definitely pare down those fonts. Re: the images, you'll want to optimize those. I see one photo (Deere ZTR between two houses) is saved, incorrectly, as a .png, so instead of 30k it's about a meg. I'd sweep through your other photos and make sure they're a bit more load-friendly.

    That should get you started and I'm sure others will come along with more advice or re: sub pages.
  3. OP

    alcl1 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 39

    Appreciate the feedback immensely! A lot of this i didnt know about or consider.
    In regards to my "wall of text", how would you rectify this. not have them side by side, change up the order or simply just get rid of most content thats redundant?
    I used weebly for a site builder - the pre scroll menu does not allow me to manipulate the color of the grey text, but i made changes to the size and made it more bold to catch the eyes of viewers. As well as the colours of the contact us buttons, due to the theme it can only be manipulated to an extent. I tried to stick with a theme based off company colours, which is why i chose this one....
    Paring down the font being sticking to one general font im assuming? sorry if the questions sound stupid, but i will not pretend to be in the tech industry lol. only tech experience i have is being a journeymen auto mechanic by trade!
  4. EverGrow Marketing

    EverGrow Marketing Sponsor
    Messages: 140

    Hey there,

    Just an FYI, you have 2 Google Analytics Tracking codes on your site.

    Typically having 2 Google Analytics tracking codes will cause 2 hits for only one session. Which might explain the 1,200 hits you're getting on your home page when it should only be 600.


    However, both of these tags are still only telling me they're sending 1 pageview request to GA combined.

    So from an outside perspective I can't tell you if this is causing anything.

    You can trouble shoot it though.

    Disconnect your phone from WiFi and just use your mobile data. Go to your website on your phone.

    Then in Google Analytics (on your desktop), go to the "Real Time" report and select "Overview"

    Click on the area of the map you are located in the US (should be an orange circle) and see how many "active users" are on your site.

    You can test it further by then navigating to other pages of your site. If the "Pageviews per minute" keeps going up by 2, then your website is tracking duplicate data.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Sarah-McKenna

    Sarah-McKenna LawnSite Member
    Messages: 21

    Initial thoughts:

    Tagline: 'Trust the Best' -- who says you're the best? Did you win awards? Do you have 500 unbiased reviews that your competitors don't have? Don't use superlatives -- it doesn't build trust!

    Hero Messaging: 'It's Your Lawn, Enjoy It' -- what the heck does that mean? Of course it's my lawn. You're not telling me anything about what you do and why you're different here.

    Welcome line: Don't welcome me. Tell me what I get out of visiting your website. What heaven can you bestow upon me? What hell awaits me if I don't work with you?

    There's a lot to unpack here -- feel free to message me for some specifics.
  6. tonygreek

    tonygreek LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,076

    Or, you know, you could share with the rest of the class. ;)
  7. Sarah-McKenna

    Sarah-McKenna LawnSite Member
    Messages: 21

    Sure :) I'll do a more detailed review probably on the weekend. Do have a favor to ask, please answer my question about the publications/blogs you read.
  8. Sarah-McKenna

    Sarah-McKenna LawnSite Member
    Messages: 21

    @tonygreek since you asked, here's a more detailed review of the home page.


    1. Remove the tagline 'Trust the Best'. You may very well be the best but unless you can prove that claim with third-party validation - it's just hyperbole. A tagline is not needed. You can develop a more meaningful one later.


    1. The logo and the navigation are taking up a lot of space. Move the logo to the left of the navigation and have it serve as the link to the homepage.

    2. Remove Home and Survey links from navigation. Home will be the logo itself. The survey is something that you'd run a separate campaign for like an email after signup and some time interval after working with you.

    Hero Section

    You have 100 milliseconds (0.1 seconds) to form a first impression. Our reptilian brain is insanely fast at detecting fight or flight. You have to answer three questions to put the reptilian brain at ease:

    a. What is this?
    b. Is this for me?
    c. Can I trust it?

    When you say 'For All Of Your Yard Care Needs' - it doesn't address those questions so right away you have activated the 'flight' mode.

    If you're wondering what the reptilian brain is - check out this video:

    Here's how you fix it:

    1. Write a big headline that tells me why I'm here and what I get out of it. Something like 'Make Your Lawn the Envy of Your Neighborhood'
    2. Add subheadline to tell me about you in one sentence. Something like 'We cut, trim, water, fertilize and treat your lawn so that it's lush and deep green'
    3. Add 3 bullet points telling me why you're different than the rest. Something like:

    a. Precision cutting tools to protect against damage
    b. Perfect pH levels managed by soil experts
    c. Custom treatment for your lawn

    4. Prime for CTA (don't sell hard here - the reptilian brain is still in fight or flight mode) -- Something like 'Talk to a lawn care expert about your yard'

    5. CTA -- button that reflects the previous step 'Talk to a Lawn Care Expert Now'

    6. The image you use has to match the message in step 1-5. Use a real picture of your crew in uniform with your branding. This is important for trust.

    7. Use graphics to add third-party validation. E.g., Rated best 2017 by XYZ or 534 5 Star Unbiased Google Reviews

    Pride, Dedication & Customer Satisfaction Section

    1. None of the things in the headline are a value proposition. All three things are what I expect from you as a condition of hiring you.

    2. The text looks like a big block. No one is going to read it. Even if they do - it doesn't say anything. These are things I expect from you.

    3. Replace this entire section with a 3 column layout with a USP in each section. A short succinct headline followed by a very short explanation. Remember the things I expect are not USPs. It'd be like a doctor saying 'Honest, Trustworthy, Caring' -- yeah no sht - those things are expected from a doctor.

    Customized Services Section

    1. The headline doesn't read like a benefit or instruction pointing me to do something.

    2. The copy looks like a big block of text and reads like empty jargon.

    3. You can do a number of things here like sending me to a sales page for specific service. Discover does a great job: https://www.discover.com/student-loans/

    You can also show a couple of pricing plans.

    Everything else

    1. Get rid of the logo in middle page.
    2. Remove CTAs 'Contact Us' and 'Call Us' -- see notes above to direct people off the home page.
    3. Add 'About' section to home page showing us who you are and a short blurb about your expertise.
    4. Use a traditional footer with headings like: Learn More, About, Resources, Contact Info (put links below each heading matching the category).
    5. Add Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages
    6. Add real testimonials with pictures of clients.
    7. Repeat main CTA above footer.
    8. Use visual hierarchy so that your passive colors (mostly greens) and different from your active colors (CTAs).
    9. Put Phone number in main navigation or above. Make sure your full NAP is in the footer.

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