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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ecoproflorida, Jul 10, 2018.

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    After a lot of blood, sweat and tears this is where my website is now. Not a 100% satisfied but it ain’t that bad also. And the most important things is we start to get leads.

    Please feel free to comment.
  2. tonygreek

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    You're probably not going to enjoy some of this, but you need to fix some things asap...

    When you copy 'n paste (read: steal) content straight from The Grounds Guys to your own site, how much blood, sweat, and tears can there possibly be?

    My overall impression, whether right or wrong, is that you're not a real company. As you highlight on the home page slider "First Impressions Matter".

    Due to the number of scammers out there, tree services get extra scrutiny. To me, this has all the hallmarks of a lead gen site and not a "real" company. If you are real, I'd wager you're one guy, brand new, and putting on the airs of a large, full-service company. Like I said, maybe I'm wrong, but this is what I see.

    You point out that branded vehicles and uniformed employees will arrive to do my tree work. You use that specifically as a sales tactic, but there isn't a single legitimate photo on your site (I haven't seen the inexplicable stock photo of "old man with magnifying glass examining grass" in a while. ;)). Actually, I take that back. I found a photo of your truck on one of the pages, but not where it really counts: The home page.

    The single best thing you can do for your site is have actual photos of those branded folks and trucks. That is real. That sells you.

    Unless I missed it, there is no business address or even legit business name/licensing on the site. I know Florida. I know Florida licensing for lawn apps, pest, etc. If you have it, you list it. A tree service with no "real" business details? I'm not even picking up the phone or hitting your contact form. No chance. Maybe others will, but if your potential customers do any due diligence...

    - Load-wise, at about 7 seconds, it's very slow. All the hallmarks of an off the shelf template that hasn't been optimized or had unnecessary junk stripped out.

    - Google is not a fan of pop ups that load over the home page. I haven't seen that they are real world penalizing (yet), but know that they are on record.

    - In 2018, a web developer should not be launching a non-HTTPS site. It shouldn't even be a question. That's now a Site Building 101 issue.

    - I'd spend some serious time with the main navigation and look at whether it's as user friendly as the template demo might have make it seem, as well as if it's truly intuitive and helping you sell.

    - Footer form... "Subscribe Now" For what?

    - Testimonials Page... again, not doing you any "We're real!" favors. It's your template's placeholder content and I'm not looking to you to hire a "first class business plan consultant". :)

    - The template is loading a ton of unused fonts, creating an unnecessary load.

    - Placeholder phone number on a live site? Not a good idea. Don't confuse the search engines. Your Name Address Phone (NAP) is your online social security number and ties all of your various offsite listings together. You really need to comb that site and fix issues that your web guy should never have let go live.

    - Non-functioning links to your social profiles? Bad idea and another huge warning sign that you're either not real or are brand new.

    - Your domain registration details are all based in the UAE. Again, not comforting as someone digging into if you're real. It's also not a good idea for you, in any way, to have your web guy own your domain. If there is a single worst thing you may have gotten yourself into, it's that. Hopefully, that's your family member and not your offshore web guy...and even then, I'm not letting one of my most valuable company assets be owned by my cousin or brother in law.

    First Rule of Web Projects: Don't let Web Guy own your domain name. Ever.
  3. ecoproflorida

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    Thank you for your input, Tony. As we discussed on the phone some time ago you know very good the details. And ALL content has been rewritten, bought and paid for including the stock images. I know the site is not a 100% yet. I dunno why your trying to say my company is a fake one....I’ll add a picture here and indeed it might be a good idea to add one to our homepage. The reason that my domain was registered from the UAE is because that’s where I was on duty serving my country !!! But hey thanks for your input I guess we are all working for the same purpose of providing for our families, me running a tree,lawn care and landscaping company and you designing and selling websites. God bless !

  4. tonygreek

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    I've never had any interaction with you. There is another Tony on here, so I'm guessing you're confusing us.

    You should recheck your blog posts.

    You should reread my comments because you certainly didn't take away what I was saying.

    Seriously...all that great looking, branded equipment and no photos on your site? You don't need to sell me, you need to sell your very competitive market.

    It's a good idea to add real pictures on every page of your site. They sell. Trust me.

    I would recommend updating your registration address information asap. You can have your domain suspended if the information is not accurate. It does happen and it's not fun to undo.

    Look, you have a foundation, you just need to make the recommended changes asap (that (+01) 123 145 7891 phone number on your contact page is found on 77 other sites), get real photos and business info/licensing on there, and start grinding on lead gen.
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  6. ecoproflorida

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    Hi Tony,

    I’ll have a look at the things you mentioned, and specifically to the blog. I appreciate your feedback, some of it came through a bit threatening to be honest. And trust me, we are licensed, insured, bonded and in order with all state rules and regulations, far more then what we should. Sitting with my web guy tomorrow to sort out what’s not in place
  7. KLC Lawns

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    Tony is frank and truthful which is invaluable. Keep that in mind but I bet he would feel threatening if you happened to be a fake! He's a great, helpful guy who's went out of his way to help a lot of folks on here. Good luck with your site!
  8. Mitty87

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    There is a group of people here who have felt threatened by Tony. We don't hear from them anymore. I doubt he did anything to them but they just seem to disappear after the threats.
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    I was one, lol but I'm too passive to hold grudges, no issue with Tony, advice was square, I just don't wanna put $ into it & my site still sucks. Haha, but I lost the black background & all the neon text,. My logo looks like a Hamburger, didn't notice how much till later. Nothing wrong with a hamburger tho.
    Iv gotten way better results out of my Google listing by far though, helped alot.
  10. ltdlawn

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    Site looks lots better

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