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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Lawn Gurus, Jan 15, 2018.

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    First time writing on here but I read constantly to stay up on my toes. I haven't been in the business long this is my second season and last season was good but shooting for better. I just recently created a website and after reading all of the reviews on augustas website just curious if maybe I need any info as to how I could better mine or if I'm where I should be. I'm currently sorting through more photos of our work to add to site as well as buying the domain the matches our business name
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    Short Answer: The site isn't close to where it should be.

    This will make a huge difference. As the line in Glengarry Glen Ross goes, "Always be closing.". In your world, it's "Always be closing...and always be taking photos.". :) And then write some words to go along with those photos.

    Which brings me to your content. There is none. Take your "Services" page, for example. For you, that should be your most important page. It tells potential customers, and the search engines, what you do. Including the page heading of "Services We Provide", it's a total of 12 words. Explain away... My 68 year old Mom has no idea what aerating or dethatching is, so tell her what it is and why her lawn needs it.

    - I'd also get the Services menu option up to, or towards, the front of the line.

    - In its current state, the homepage slider isn't selling for you. The photo quality, and stagings, are not very good. The Scag logo in the slider looks like you have nothing else, so you'll give them a billboard sized ad.

    - Same with your About Us page. Instead of a photo of you standing next to your branded truck, or at least out on a lawn wearing one of your shirts, you have a giant Stihl logo. Homeowners don't care and your website isn't a Winston Cup car. When you go to add a photo, ask yourself, "Is this photo selling for me?". Set some level of criteria for yourself and your site will be better for it.

    - Get a phone number up in your header, so that it's on every page and we don't have to hunt to find it.

    - You have minimal location info. Get that on every page.

    - You have no hint of SEO. I'd read Google's SEO Starter Guide:

    - Your only Call to Action (CTA) is on your home page. Actually, you have two there. The first is "above the fold" on your home page, which is great. The not great part is that you don't seem to do lawn applications, so why is your most visible site element a CTA for a "free lawn analysis"? If it's for aeration and dethatching, you'll want to do a better job of explaining (read: pitching).

    The second CTA I see is to sign up for a lawn care newsletter "to hear tips and tricks to keep your lawn in top condition". As a visitor, I'm skeptical of what I will receive, if anything, because your site is so thin. If you don't see yourself actually publishing a consistent newsletter, then I'd scrap it. You'd probably have more success with a "Sign up for promos and seasonal service offerings & tips", and even then it's probably going to be minimal conversion for you.

    - And, this is just me picking a nit, but your home page's service area list starts off with Fully Insured and the next line is in quotes. There's no need for quotes on that. It's not a tagline or anything quotable. It's just a sentence. Also, the p in "Proudly" shouldn't be capitalized.

    So, to circle back to your original question of "Is my site where it should be?". Nope, but you have a very basic starter framework and now it's time to get to work. I'd go through this forum and read old reviews (they'll all apply to you), as well as look at the top ranking sites in your search market.
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    I appreciate all the info I’m going to work on it today and start in the areas you recommended I work on I’ll update everything this evening and see what opinions I get from there thanks I really appreciate it.
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    Think like someone who has never seen your website or heard of you before and consider these questions:

    1. Why is your logo so big that it takes up half of the screen?
    2. Why should I call you? Who are you? What lawn care services do you provide exactly? What makes you different from your competition?
    3. Why should I trust you?

    Take a look at this website:

    Study how they structure their homepage:

    1. Pitch (Unique Selling Proposition) in the header
    2. Credibility (other companies using their service)
    3. Info about their plans (these lead to a landing page)
    4. Info about what makes them different
    5. Testimonials
    6. Who they are and what makes them different (again)
    7. Sales pitch to capture lead

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