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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jbell36, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. klogan011

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    I have been using Service auto pilot for a few months now. Had a few kinks to work out in the begining. The people there are great to work with and will help you with anything they can. Once we got rolling everything seems to work great. 100% better than qxpress. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

    We just started testing out the mobile version for our crews this week. Seems to be working flawlessly. You can easily do job costing. once they clock in and out all you have to do is go to the report and see what client you are making money on.

    I haven't had the opportunity to try out the client portal yet. Does any one have any input on this? I am planning to look into this over the next month or so.
  2. Picture Perfect Landscape

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    My client portal is setup. It functions just as they say it does. And makes service autopilot very attractive.

    I honestly feel this program would be nearly flawless if they would make it a full install on the hard drive to make things instant as well as allow for better invoices and estimates. The invoicing and estimate formats seem rediculously plain and somewhat unprofessional. Also,when doing landscape proposals or any proposal that is somewhat detailed it is VERY annoying typing in a box smaller than a comment box for twitter or facebook. You can't see more than a sentence or so. And every line item is like that. Makes it very hard to catch mistakes or edit. And for what they charge a month that to me is absurd. The invoices should be completely customizable like Quickbooks or any other seroius account software (Quickbooks, Real Green, Clip, Pro Landscape, etc). @79.99 a month your paying almost $1000 a year for the program. Client portal is another expense as well as some other options adding more monthly costs.

    I agree. Customer service is great and they seem to be updating frequently, but the things the customer see need to be more modern and professional.

    I haven't canceled yet, but I am going to call tomorrow and pretty much repeat what I just wrote and see what their response is. If there is not a big upgrade in the near future, cancel I shall.
  3. Picture Perfect Landscape

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    I don't mean to sound super pessimistic, but I got really excited when I found this and watched hours of videos about it and how everything works and there are just a few things that literally SUCK, and it kind of irritates me because everything is nearly perfectly thought out for our industry more so than almost every other accounting/bookkeeping software. But these things are somewhat deal breakers.
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    I've been through all the videos, and am using the very limited free version....more to record and store customer information. Nothing is going to be perfect, and the limited interaction I have had with them has been very positive. $1k per year seems like a lot for a software solution, but the way I see it is if i needed to hire someone to do a lot of the work that this program does, it will cost me much more than $1k. Plus, if it were on a hard drive, then I would need to worry about back up and transfers when I got a new computer.

    That said, I am using the free version because I'm not at a level where I need all of that yet, but will be upgrading....hopefully in the spring.

    I will be going for the website first, hopefully that will help to bring in the clients to warrant the $80/mo.
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    I agree with you about the invoices and estimates looking very plain. I have actually spoken to them about it. However for me it isn't really that big a deal. At the end of the month when I send out my invoices I just sync with quickbooks and use the custom invoices that I made in that program. I do hope that they fix the estimate templates as I would love to start using them but cannot do so until they make a few more that look a little better.

    It is a lot of money that you pay to use the program. If you look at others though they are just as much and don't offer as much. I considered going back to qxpress (online version this time) but once i went back and tried to test it out it just wasn't as good a program. Service auto pilot is actually quite fast considering it is web based. Customer service has to mean something.

    I do think this is a newer company than they let on. I have seen significant improvement to the program in the frew month I have been with them. I hope to grow with them.
  6. grasshopperslawn

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    FYI I just signed up for service auto pilot 2 weeks ago and you can customize your invoices I talk to Amy over the or you can talk to Johnathan they can help you get that done.
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    thanks for all of the information guys, haven't made up my mind yet, still got some time...anyone know when serviceautopilot was created?
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    I'm wondering what deal breakers that you are talking about. I use SA..I stated with them in march last year, and For the first 3 months I think I called them daily with requests. Here is the fare they have changed 75% of hinges I wanted....and are working on more. Frankly yes there are plenty of things that piss me off,....but for every 1 problem, I find 4 things that it provides a solution for. Frankly I looked into software 3 years ago really hard.....the best system I though I liked cost was $15,000. No joke. If you need something changed...let them know, I'm sire they will take care of it
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    I would like to see this, I was about ready to sign up for a website with them
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    You can change the website to say what you want. They basically build it and you can customize it how you want it to say and look.

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