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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jbell36, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. ddmcintosh1

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    I'm on the monthly payment to them and didn't know, once I cancel my subscription, if I would no longer be able to access it from my pc. I was hoping that it would just stay there, that way if I ever had to look at it I could.
  2. Briankook

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    Do you use QX desktop or QX online? If you use desktop, the information will stay there because the information resides on your server/PC. I'm not sure how QX online works.
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    On the monthly plan, qx is password protected. If not payed up, access is denied.

    You can dump the info into an access database from a back up most likely. That is how they move it to SA.
  4. ddmcintosh1

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    Thank you! That's exactly the info I was looking for!
  5. CNYScapes

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    Anybody else have a website they did we can look at?
  6. BreezeTO

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    We are located in Canada and I have been looking at getting the system for our company. I was so excited about it because I hear so many good things but my concern is the company keeps 'dropping the ball' and I am worried about it.
    I tried to sign up online on Thurs and I ended up speaking to Mac who said we could do it over the phone. He had the same problem on the signup can only choose United States (not Canada). He said he would speak to Jonathan later in the day and have him rectify's Sunday and haven't heard a word...sounds like they don't want my business.
    The only reason I am sticking it out and giving them a chance is the great reviews. It scares me that they aren't as big as they make themselves out to be. Is this how it is going to be every time I need answers or assistance?

    Anyone out there in Canada using it?? How is it working out for you? We are currently using CLIP...what info can you export from CLIP to SAP?
  7. tonygreek

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    They're not hard to find, but I'm not too keen on individually posting them so as not to potentially insult a business owner. In general, they look like generic template sites, with the design styling reminiscent of 10 yr old sites or those that Yellow Pages provides. Besides uniqueness and design elements, they are very light on SEO, which should be better, given the add-on pricing and expectations that one should have when paying for a website.

    What I do see is that there are some nice looking sites that have the AutoPilot integration, but they are done by an apparently preferred third-party marketing company, Point2Marketing. I have never made it all the way through SAP's sales "tutorial", but I would make the assumption that the template-looking sites are what they offer, with the potential up-sell to the company they recommend.

    To look at either of the company's respective sites that are currently in use, just Google the following template code call: ""

    In a bit of cross-promotion, the testimonials on include this one:

    "We have hundreds of clients and when they come to us asking for help in gaining and retaining new clients online. There is only one company we recommend to all our of clients. POINT2 does not disapoint"

    While he didn't add his last name to the testimonial, the Jonathan is obviously "Jonathan Pototschnik". In a bit of semi-transparent irony, the owner of is lawn care biz guru "Andrew Pototschnik".
  8. Puddle of Oil

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    You don't honestly think their working on a Sunday do you?! You gave them one solid business day to fix your problem and your already complaining!? Come on man, give them till the end of the week then start running your mouth.

    AQLSERVICE LawnSite Member
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    love the website. I am thinking of joining the SAP team. have you be satisfied with everything so far?
  10. ltomkins

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    Are you still using? Can you give me reviews? And most important, how is support.

    Thanks for your time,

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