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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ArizPestWeed, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. ArizPestWeed

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    Any of y'all have any experience with Frontpage ?
    Did you find it easy or what ?

    Name some of the software programs that worked out for you.

    I kinda tired of buying stuff and then finding out it takes a lot to figure it out .
    Ya know , you can't try it first .

  2. drodgers

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    I would stay away from front page. The reason I say this is because a web server requires special software to run a front page site. When the software called extensions corrupt the site is broken and you sometimes have to reload the entire site. A couple of years ago when I did tech support for an internet company we were constantly having to have the extensions reloaded on the servers.

    What I have used to build mine is Net Objects, Fusion. Pretty straight forward and easy to use. There are some quirks but they are minimal. The nice thing about that software is unlike front page it requires no special software at the server side. I don't know what the software currently costs but you can proably do a web search and find their site.

    Another piece of software worth checking into is dreamweaver, but it is pretty pricey I think.
  3. tonygreek

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    frontpage does not require the frontpage server extensions to exist on a server. it does take away some of the server-side functionality that is built in, but if you are going to go the dreamweaver route, you would take a huge leap in technical functionality anyway.

    the biggest functionality anyone would need for a lco site is a webform. if you want any security to prevent either inbound spam or worse, using your info to generate spam from your account, you would need to choose a server-side technology to handle it, so it's not as easy as choosing one software over the other as it is choosing the underlying technology to handle what you want.

    basically what i'm saying is that you should take a look at what you need, research the software, and research the security and technical aspects of what you want to do. for what i do (high-end work), frontpage is the worst thing i can think of, as any developer will tell you. for newbies used to microsoft apps, frontpage isn't bad. and i've always had a softspot for netObjects fusion. in fact, i haven't had a copy since the beta of 7.0, but i'd agree that if i had to recommend an easy, powerful software for a newbie, Fusion would be the one. thanks for bringing it up, drodgers.

    btw, i'd recommend hitting and searching on the various software packages and read the various user reviews. typically good thoughts out there.

  4. tonygreek

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