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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by NC Greenscaper, Nov 30, 2012.

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    I paid a company to create a website ( a few years ago. The company has been unresponsive or slow to respond to making some minor changes. I wanted to create a link to my facepage "Wood Lawn & Landscaping" on my website so I can easily add photos and keep information updated easier without costing alot. I know very little about doing this and was wondering if this is something I could get someone else to do for me. I pay the company annually to host the site. I have gotten a few comments about the website but not sure it is bringing in any business.

    Any comments would be appreciated.
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    Gary, the domain has a private registration and I can't see who controls it, so my first question would be do you technically own the domain, or does the developer? Next, do you have admin rights to where the site is hosted?

    The primary thing is that you have control of the domain registration. With that, it's easy to make a copy of the site, move you to another host, and point your domain name to the new server.
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    Sadly, even with that you have to watch. I have seen some places build a site for a client, but they technically own it. Separately, a lot of places that provided templated sites, such as 1&1 does with their templates sites, they retain rights to the images, so you can't just copy it and move it.

    In fact, I'm building a system for a service right now that will be similar, you get a free simple single page site (and a contact us page), yet the client just can't move it since the templates use images that are licensed for use on the service I am building, the end client has not paid royalties to use the images on their own. Not that they can't do it, just the legalities of it between them and where we obtained rights to the images.

    If you don't already have access to it, get your cPanel login from Crystal Coast so you can make your own changes (or have someone else make them for you). You may want to also verify the rights for the stock images that are used on your site in case you do move the site. (Example: )

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  4. NC Greenscaper

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    I pay him once a year for both the domain registration, which the company said they are doing for me, and for the hosting. I emailed the owner asking for access to the site. I don't have admin rights where the site is hosted at least not aware of anyway. Thanks

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