Website, worth the $ or not?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by TGK, Feb 13, 2008.

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    Hey guys thats is the question. I searched on here for a bit but didnt find any threads directly dealing with that. I have been quoted a price of $2300 from a company here in CT which has good refrences to build me a site. Well thats alot of money, and I dont want to spend it on a website few people many look at. However I am curious if any of you guys have gotten a website and had it help your business? Make you look more professional? Get you better work?
    You get the point.
    I appreciate everyones .02!
    My Regards,
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    I think a website is definitely worth the expense. However, $2300 is a lot. I have a very simple site that tells prospects about us and what we do. It cost me around $500. Post an ad on craigslist and you should get a good response and a much lower quote.
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    Most of my work comes from referals. The rest , more then 1/2 come from the website.
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    When it comes to the value of a website you have to look at a lot of elements and if you haven't been working with a designer for some time I would definitely not suggest going "cheap". The reasons being are that you are not familiar enough with code to know what is good or not or how to identify if your product has good coding, features, and functionality, and the all-to important Optimization.

    You know the old adage about women and car salesmen? Well, do you want to be the woman on a webmaster's car lot?

    My suggestion is to use a reputable company with proven results and a good portfolio for your first time and you will learn a lot in that process that will save you money down the road.

    Plan on spending $2500 for a good site and functional MySql database and plan on spending another $2000 in a strong Adwords campaign to get the site some traffic.

    The database should streamline ALL your paperwork and provide a central system for marketing your current clients and potentials. Lose the needless hardcopies and save some trees and headaches
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    I agree with Andrew. $2000-$2500 is not all that expensive although you could probably go thru elance or somewhere like that and save a little money and still get a quality web designer.

    Our site doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles but I believe it is clean and crisp and it reflects our perceptions well. Although most of our new clients are still picked up by referrals the site continues to increase in bringing in well qualified contacts each year.

    My advice is to make sure you choose a designer who you feel comfortable with and will first LISTEN to what you envision and how you want to be perceived. They should be receptive to your input but also not be afraid to tell you when and why something will or will not work. Our first attempt cost us around $1200 before we canned the designer, and the resulting layout looked like we were florists instead of contractors.
  6. Joe Shooner

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    Full disclosure: my company produces websites.

    I try to have people think about it this way: your website is the face of your company all hours of the day, every day of the year. If a simple site works for you, that's awesome, as long as it's good quality and represents your company well.
  7. Metro Lawn

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    Check with Tony from AMW. He is a member here that use to be in the lawn biz. He now does signs, shirts, and websites. His work is excellent as well as the prices.
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  9. topsites

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    I wouldn't pay much over 2-3 maybe 400, the WWW is the absolute highest swindler territory in the world.
    They'll promise you the world but if you don't know much about the subject you haven't a clue as to what you're actually getting.

    All they have to do is make it look good, but there's a LOT more to it.
    A web site isn't just several word-processed together pages with text and images.
    It's a whole programming language in itself, behind all this fancy stuff rest programs (and it's best done coded by hand for those who care).
    Then there's load times, integration, code validation, image optimization, meta identification labels, registration, dns manipulation, hosting (uptimes), se registration, uniformity, spell check, ownership (who owns it (you or them)), damnation and salvation LOL man I am just getting warmed up here now...

    About the only thing you don't gotta worry about are compressors and installers.

    So unless you know what you're doing I would find someone local so at least if you get skru'd you can drive on over and grab them by the throat!

    Not that you would, but it helps to know you could!

    Then find someone reasonable, 2-3 maybe 4-500 a year, all right maybe 6-700 at the absolute most that is so long all you have to do is swipe the credit card. You won't get millions of hits, but send me my million first and then based on the quality I pay how's that?
  10. topsites

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    dang i got cut off heheh

    For real it's just another form of advertising, like business cards it might get you a few more calls.
    And you can spend ten times the money but I can almost guarantee you won't get 10 times the calls (maybe double IF you're lucky).

    I started my first one around the year 2000, got it up about a year later and been working on it here and there ever since, that one's my fun site.
    The business site I also spent about a year collecting pictures, then it took about 1-2 weeks of throwing it all together but I already had the templates and a basic layout or skeleton and even then it was a LOT of work.

    Which, it shouldn't be cheaply done, but all in all we're talking 20-30 maybe 40 hours of actual labor to do it RIGHT and I doubt seriously most so-called expert designers out there do much more than Dreamweaver it up.

    That's my problem, I would have no issues paying more IF it was done RIGHT.
    And nobody is going to convince me a text-based code is going to look right when it's made via a Wysiwyg program, I don't care what they claim.
    So I hand-code mine, code really is just scripting but even that doesn't take but so long.

    Because then too after all the initial hooplah there's not much to worry about.
    Now after that it costs me about $100 a month but I lease my own server (Yes the whole box belongs to me) and a business listing at the Y, too.

    But most hosting plans run $5-$8 or $10 a month, registration's another $7 a year. So you know, if you find someone that will design it and you can sign a 5-year hosting + registration contract for, say 40 a month that's 48 x 40 = 2000... Yeah now that's worth it at least you get 5 years of worry free stuff with it.

    You gotta watch out what you get yourself into here, all I'm saying.

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