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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by TGK, Feb 13, 2008.

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    I have been in the green industry for only a short time. However, I have been a graphic/web designer for 5-6 years. If you'll give me the liberty, let me explain it this way:

    You go the a person's house who wants work done. They want a great backyard landscape. So, design it and work up a proposal for $10,000 [which is an small-medium size landscape design/build depending on the company]. Immediately, they are taken back with the price. How could trees and bushes cost that much?

    You know why it costs that much. You know that about 30-40% will be materials and about 30% will be labor. You know what all the factors are. The customer just doesn't. You also know that if they spend $10,000 they with add $20,000 to the value of their property.

    The same is true with both graphic and web design. You look at $2000-3000 and you freak, but the designer is thinking content management, search engine optimization, cross browser checks, and presentation. Not to mention hours and hours of labor. He also knows that you could increase revenue and build your companies brand and market credibility with a great website.

    Again, I have said it before, and I will say it again. If you think the website will be your savior, don't bet on it. Marketing elements work together to produce revenue. No marketing is plug and play. So, if the website is apart of a bigger marketing plan, then spend the change to make it happen. But, if your looking to be like everybody else and shot in the dark to create leads, you probably won't see a return like you want.
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    I used a service called 1&1 and it doesn't give you all the options as some of these $2500 sites would, but for me who am just starting out, does the trick. my website is and I honestly only pay about $8 a year for the name and $30 every 3 months for the tools to create the website. I strongly recommend taking a look at it even though you might be looking for something more complex.
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    Seriously doubt that you need to pay over $2000.

    In the green trade, there's few sites I see anyway, that really strike me as being all that grand anyway.

    Just happened to see one tonight that was pretty nice. One of about maybe 6 tree websites that I thought were good looking and worth some extra dough.

    If I was going to dish out a couple of grand, it would be something like that or better.

    Although, it's just a bit complex for my taste. But I like the slideshow effect, and the idea with the tree menu was a bit outstanding from the norm. Simpler is better though. The more stuff that's listed, is just that much more that can distract from the simple facts. Name & rank. Or, name, service and phone.

    On my site, I deleted the link to the ISA - International Society of Arboriculture, because I see no need to send people off the site and figure out what the ISA is all about. If I have the logo with "Certified", that's good enough. On the limbwalker site, there's several things that could lead folks off track.

    Don't know the service. Just stumbled upon the site and thought it looked good.

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