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I'm thinking of starting a website and would like some input. How much is the startup cost and the annual costs, and do they stimulate business enough to justify doing it? Thanks, Lynn Gorrell

Eric ELM

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Lynn, I don't think you will get a lot of business from a website, but it is a tool to add to your business card, fliers, newspaper adds, or the sign on your truck, that could draw people to your site for specials or finding out more about your business. The cost varies from $0 to as much as you want to spend. If you make your own site and put it on your own free space you get with your provider or there are other places like that have 35 Meg of free space for a site, these two would be free. If you get a dot com address, you pay a monthly price for it which also will vary in price. I have seen from around $15 to $30 a month. If you hire someone to make your site, they charge you to make it plus a monthly for the dot com address. I found out a site is easy to make, but I didn't make mine for getting customers, I don't need any more right now. I used MS Publisher 2000 to make mine and it is fun to do. I'm sure guys with a lot of experiance can give you a lot better idea about this, but this is what I can share. If you want to see what the free 35 Meg site is like, you can check out mine at which is the same information as my other one, but it has a shorter address than the site from my provider. There is a little bit of advertising on the bizland, but that is how they can provide it for free. I hope some of this helps.<p>----------<br>Eric@ELM<br>