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    Had a rain day today so I figured I would try and make a website and a Facebook page still have alot more work to do on it and add a lot more pictures when I get another day off.i am horrible with computers so be easy on me
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    This will probably get moved to the web forum, so if you haven't already, you might as well venture in there and start reading up on other site advice/reviews. With a quick pass at the code, it looks like yours is applicable to most of them when it comes to SEO advice you should follow. Anything specific, just yell.

  3. snopro321321

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    Sounds good I'll check out that fourm Thanks
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  4. GreyFlames

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    I just wanted to toss out a couple comments.

    1) Create individual service pages for your major services. On each page tell the visitor about the benefits of using that service, and what you do differently. Aim for 300-500 words. Take some of your relevant pictures for that service to display as well.

    2) Put a Request estimate or contact us form on the website rather than just an email and phone.

    3) Provide additional content on the front page and mention your main services. Link directly to the service pages in your text.

    4) Avoid having the same main page text appear on all of your pages. It provides no additional benefit to the reader. Take the time to write unique content for each page.

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