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  1. ritchiem

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    Very Clean :)
    Easy to Nav :)
    Sizable Text :)

    Because it is so clean and neat, I would consider justifying the text so it is even on both margins.

    Don’t be skimpy on the project pics when you put them up.

    Get a form created for your contact page.
  2. jpmako

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    Thanks for the compliments,

    I am actually working on the contact form today it should be live in a day or two.

  3. Tiller1240

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    Very nice site. Very clean, organized, and professional. I am also in the process of designed a site, and could use some help finding some nice pictures. Do you mind sharing where you found some of your pics? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. BSDeality

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    how would the fact that it is database driven make any difference? the data is mostly static, driven from hardlinks. Its not like it is keyword-input driven.

    Keep the database, you're on the right track.
  5. tonygreek

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    it makes all the difference in the world as far as the indexing bots are concerned, but why worry about them? google has specifically addressed the potential indexing pitfalls.

    currently, that's a saving grace for that design, but you need to absolutely understand how to best design, word, and implement databased content that's any more complex that that, especially if he plans to make actual, practical use of db content.

    again, just be sure you know how to implement it, especially if you plan on adding more content. as it is right now, why add the additional layers of complexity? if it's going to grow significantly beyond the current state, just be sure you have boned up on your search optimization as it relates to db content. if you only want to attract visitors to your website through reading a physical print ad of your link, then throw my advice out the window.

    my original point to this is "why add complexity where it is not needed, it really does not make your life any easier to add content (if you code, you can add content easily), and that if implemented imperfectly, you might never show up on the engine's radar." nothing more, nothing less. i'll equate it to running a print ad that contains entirely italicized white text on a black background. you'll make it illegible to approx 10% of the population. for your own development edification, why disqualify 10% of your target market because they have trouble reading your ad? so, if it's not mission critical, why use dynamic content, which if not utilized correctly, could make the all-important content invisible to the major engines? those engines will supply significantly more than 10% of your visitors, so why disregard their impact?

    i have no idea what mako's web background is, other than he said it was his career. if he's already taken this into consideration, then i guess i'm typing for the exercise, or for anyone else who runs dynamic sites, or even worse, flash sites.
  6. jpmako

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    Like I said it is being designed this way for a variety of reasons. One of the major reasons is going to be the dynamic content. At this point I am not too worried about people finding my site through google. I am more concerned with getting the layout complete and adding the back-end features such as customer manager, billing, on-line payments etc... Yes this was my career, I went to school for it and have what I believe to be a slight talent for it. I have designed many company Intranet/ Internet sites using this methodology and have yet to run into a problem with indexing. I am sorry that it isn't up to your standards LOL.
    Seriously this is not going to be so much of a marketing tool as it is a way to get my clients to pay online and learn of some of the extra services that my company offers. But I do advertise it on my marketing material.

    I do agree that Flash sites are very hard to get indexed properly. Especially if the site is entirely Flash and no HTML That is a very common mistake and all too often I stumble across a site that looks great but has no function in the real world.

    For all of those that do like it THANK YOU!

  7. tonygreek

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    i didn't realize you only wanted esthetic feedback. from now on, i'll just post something useful like, "it's pretty. good job."

    which is why i pointed out the dynamic issue.

    i don't recall saying i didn't like it.

    best of luck.

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