Websites: Possible Gardens of Good and of Evil

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by mdvaden, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. mdvaden

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    Websites can be so different than real people when the desired pieces of information are selected and assembled. Some websites may be graphically designed to appear spectacular, but the operator may have very little ability - maybe even a bad track-record for completing projects properly. The same kind of website may belong to a professional of sterling character.

    Same basic principle carries-over to sites of "rank and file" design.

    So in a way, websites can be gardens of good or evil, depending on whether or not they conceal, or expose, the true nature of the company.

    Basically this boils down to whether or not website owners are omitting or concealing the way they do business and they way they do it.

    This is not an angle I've thought about before, much, but it came to mind this week.
  2. Bill S

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    As with any marketing material!

    It does make you think about how easy it is to be deceived in todays day and age thanks to the handy internet. As I always say, buyer beware! Do your research, check the references!
  3. mdvaden

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    Now that you mention that, references may be the most critical part of a website. Although nobody is going to put in any bad ones. :rolleyes:

    The good ones need to be really good then. :dancing:

    Noticed you are from New Hampshire - you like that area?

    I've never been there. Any good photo sites for your state?
  4. Bill S

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    Depends what you like for photo sites... we have Lake Winnipisaukee, mountains, the ocean and lots of back roads up north!

    NH is a bit of all right. We do get the full four seasons which is nice for business, don't get too sick of any one service before it is time to go on to the next!
  5. H2O

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    I agree: Buyer beware! Consumers do YOUR research!
    Too many consumers believe what they read, without ever confirming the facts.

    1. References are nice, but hard to confirm. I always suggest visiting a job site in progress. Too many web sites have false customer references or testimonials.

    2. Demand a Certificate of Insurance that includes: workers comp, liability, and equipment insurance.

    3. Confirm Credentials. Proof of certification, license, affiliations, etc.
    In MA there are a plethora of contractors making false statements in their web sites.

    We often have to educate our customers. Dont be fooled or mislead by false advertising.... Always Confirm The Facts!

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