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  1. mike9497

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    anyone know of a good website makers.looking to get a website and wanted to know what companies you have used and what the rates are thanks.
  2. yourlawnguy

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    I do my own but most of the host services will either provide design services or assistance. Your best bet would be with a local host some of them will even provide you with free design service if you sign up for a year. Here's one you can try I haven't dealt with them myself but I've seen some of their sites and they look good. If you design your own site you can get much cheaper hosting, under $10.00/mo.
    Good luck:cool:
  3. Wesley's Lawn

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    Hey mike I know a good freind who knows how to build websites and he does a good job. He is also making me one and he could probaly do yours for a good price he doesn't do it buy the hour he just gives u a flat one time price. Now hes not a big company he dosent even work for anyone he goes to school with me but that dont mean he cant do a good job. Having him do it is way cheaper than having a professional do it but its the same quality.
    You can contact him at
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    Mine is the same as Kirbys Lawn.

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