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  1. alumnilawncare

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    This is my first post here but I've been reading for awhile.

    I was just wondering who has sites and what they are like.

    anyone here building a site?

    I just finished my first site for my lawn care business and anyone who wants to take a look and give any feedback I'd love to hear and return the favor!!
  2. Triton2286

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    There's a section or that.
  3. Triton2286

    Triton2286 LawnSite Member
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    - What is this supposed to mean? "Assure your sidewalks and stairs will be cleared by signing up early!"

    Are you saying that people who sign up early get put to the top of the list and you drive around and skip over clients to get your early signers done first?

    - You also have a lot of capitalization issues, even in your header.

    - On your grass page, the pics of the "LARGER" diamond pattern, really? That's large to you? The lawn isn't even big enough to notice the pattern.

    - Also the background image doesn't make sense.
  4. tonygreek

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    I agree with what Triston has pointed out.

    - For me, it's tough to get past the text logo that greets us as it's too condensed (the trailing "i" in Alumni is indiscernible from the N) and it in no way matches up with, or compliments, the logo you have further down the page. That lower logo doesn't look to have much place on the site, or relation to the rest of it. Pick a brand/image and stick with it.

    - Your menu features some options that are capitalized, where others are not. I would have a second set of eyes review your site. If those errors are in a main component of your site, there are likely others elsewhere. (I've since spotted other such errors.)

    - Every time I see a weather widget I recommend it be taken down. Usually I see a broken image due to ad blocking software. If it gets through that, then I view it only as space filler. People aren't visiting your site for the weather. If it's of the space filling variety, I'd recommend a nice picture of your work or an area for an upsell or customer education.

    - I don't know what "Kona Bear Productions" is, and it's not clickable. (By "I don't know what it is", I mean visiting, potential customers. I have an idea what it is, but it's the wrong implementation and really has no business being on your site.)

    - The footer has no cohesion and the contact/location-based information could be better.

    - To reiterate, you really need someone to proof your copy for typos, grammatical errors, and sentence structure. :) On each page and photo caption, I'm seeing a recurring theme.

    - Your About Us page has two paragraphs that are centered.

    - Download the Moz (formerly seomoz) and the Google Beginners Guides to SEO and implement what you read. You'll want to start with the basics and work your way through.

    - Try to get better, and additional, photography.

    - I see the links that go to other sites (Facebook, etc) do so within the same tab. You probably don't want to send people away from your site. Send them to another tab instance.

    All in all, it's a good start. Just needs refining and you're on your way.

    Questions, just yell.
  5. Triton2286

    Triton2286 LawnSite Member
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    The non capitalization seems to be a much more reoccurring issue than we think Tony.

    I decided to view his Facebook page as well and he consistently does not capitalize at the start of a sentence.

    My issue with your "about us" page is you list your additional services there. Those should have on their own page, your about us page should not list services in that way. You about page should be very simple, which it is not. There is a lot of useless information in my opinion and the "life is a beautiful thing" line is kinda corny to me and doesn't really make sense anyway.
  6. alumnilawncare

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    Great input guys! I have been made aware of the capitalization issues, and I'm going to work on them for sure.

    This site has only been around for about a month, so I know it needs some work, and what better place to ask for it!

    triton- the "assure your sidewalks..." sentence was meant as " make sure you have it covered before the snow falls" kinda thing, not that I'm going to take a priority over any one customer, think of it more from the customer's point of view. and THANK YOU so much for the criticism, man. I can't get better and fix these things if I'm not aware of them.

    Tony-thank you so much for looking at my site and I am VERY grateful for your suggestions! you have been more help in your few suggestions than many online tutorials and passer-by criticism.

    I knew I came to the right place!! Keep the criticism coming!
  7. tonygreek

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    No problem. If you read back through the archives and skim for relevant post titles, you'll find quite a bit of info. Previous reviews will help you (and you'll probably notice a recurring list of typical site issues), as will the local search engine and seo related posts. You'll also want to get familiar with, to see how your off-site footprint is shaping up. Cheers.
  8. tinman

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    Might want to change your page titles (actual links) to the names. Ex. instead of /mulch-2 .... make it /mulch . And the snow link is much longer than just "snow". Good luck

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