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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by AGG Lawn Maintenance, Mar 30, 2003.

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    I went to a florist last night to pick out flowers for my wedding. The lady asked what kind of work I did. When I told her that I was a landscaper she said that they needed a landscaper for weddings and told me to leave some flyer's or business cards. My question is, does anyone do this type of work? And if so is it worth it to you? I never really thought about it. I did have another customer ask me about it. A place by me rents plants for weddings. I found that out because I thought about renting some plants before we picked out our current reception hall. They have everything we need already. travis
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    I have seen some of this done at larger weddings that I have been to. It made large empty field look really nice. The only way I could describe it would be like setting up for an expo. You bring in all of the materials setup make everything look real pretty then come back in and break it down when the event is over. You have to leave no real impact on the area that you setting up. So most of your plats stay in the pots you large blocks of Styrofoam for fill spacing the cover with a light layer of mulch. Seemed to me to be very time consuming but if you had pre-built forms it could be pretty easy to do. I will see if I have any pics of the wedding and post them.

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    It is DEFINATELY a good money maker. However it depends on what type of clients this woman is catering to. If she is catering to HIGH end clients, then you will make out pretty darn well. If she caters mostly to lower end / middle class families, you may do alright... but don't expect to get rich.
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    I have done weddings. Most often the home that I am working at is not where the wedding is held, but rather where the photo's for the pre-wedding are being taken. You are all correct. Go in, make the landscape photogenic and angelic. Most importantly, make it look like it was there last month, not just yesterday and after the wedding, clean it up. The high end is where it is at. Middle class will not buy it. Although it would be hard to market it where I am at. I just king-of fell into one and it blosomed.
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    We got a call last Spring from a couple who are having their daugher's wedding in their back yard this year. They had seen our work and wanted us to do what we could to make their property look good for the guests that would be coming. We spent some time over the next few weeks pruning overgrown trees and shrubs, leveling uneven spots in the lawn, overseeding, rolling and just cleaning up in general. We also did the weekly cutting while his new diesel massey sat in the shed. Now the property looks pretty good and the grass is much thicker all over the lawn. We're still not sure if we will be doing the property next year because the deal was for 2 years only. I think we likely will continue doing it as they are both starting to enjoy the free time they have and the comments people make about the "new" look of it. This Spring we are going to work on the pond and a trail system around it where most of the wedding pictures will be taken. I'm still trying to think of a solution for the 100's of Canada geese that leave their droppings all over the place. Last year we dragged a piece of chain link fence around and it seemed to break and dry up the droppings. Free fert.
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    Got ya!!! Just like a landscape Expo!!! I am not sure what type of clientele she has. I do know one thing she does do flowers at some very nice reception areas. That may or may not be an indication of the bulk of her customers. I know my future wife loved her approach on everything. She was very informative and listened to what she had to say. She also did not pressure use into a sale. As a businessman I loved her approach to everything. I don't pressure people and can not stand to be pressured.
    I would like to see some pictures and get ideas about how you guys market this. Not that I will have to market it. Lols. I would just like to get some ideas circulating. I am not too fond of jumping into something head first.
    Thanks in advance, Travis
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    AGG email me your addy please.

    I may be able to email you photo's but I can not post them.
    My system will not let me. It's is old and not IBM compatible.

    I have'nt paid my taxes to Bill Gates.
    Joel Bixel

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