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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by draftlawncare, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. draftlawncare

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    anybody know how much it cost to have a wedsite designed and hosted and what ever else is required in such a task thanks
  2. Turboguy

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    Hi Draft,

    Web design will range from free to a big chunk of dough. Shop around and you should be able to get a nice site designed for no more than $ 500.00.

    Hosting a site will also run the gammut. You can find good places that will host it for free. Some pretty good ones are available for less than 10 bucks a month. I like but I use about 5 different hosting compaines and they are all good. Some of the posts on Lawnsite have free hosts that seems to offer about as much in services as the pay ones do. Look around at the other posts.

    You also need to get a name. The one name registration place I hear people rave about is I have about 20 names through them myself and they are terrific. your cost will be less then $ 10.00 a year. The one to avoid like the plague is Network Solutions, (NetSol). They are better then they used to be but still are terrible.
  3. DannyHatt

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    It all depends on how long you make me say up buidling it..

    Know what you want. The biggest problem is getting what is in your head as far as what you want, to my head. The more you can explain and detail the faster it can get built.

    If you have one now, let me look at it, and see what you got going..

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