weed and feed? granules or liquid

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Christian Brothers, May 1, 2009.

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    Happens every time!



    Use liquid weed control.
  2. rcreech

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    I think you are taking this a little too far!

    I don't see this as being embarassing to the Green Industry at all...it is just a difference of opinion. :dizzy:

    That is like saying that if all the democrats got along with the republicans the world would be a much better place to live! It ain't gonna happen!

    There is just a lot of emotion built into this site when organic people come over here. I am not sure why...but I feel the same way! Don't need to hear it and if I ever want to I will go to the organic site!

    I have stated this many times and will once again....I don't have a problem with organic lawncare...just the tree huggers that try and cram it down my throat!
  3. Christian Brothers

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    "lets help each other out. more of that and less argueing and we might be getting somewhere. imagine the green industry if we all just stopped debating and argueing."

    i would like to here your thoughts on that, rcreech, please, if you dont mind. i mean lets face it. a third of the posters at least might not even know the question i originally posted. just debating with one another. i'm just saying, more time and energy could be spent helping one another. smittie has a point somewhat. everyone started at the bottom and everyone has asked someone for advice to get where they stand today. i dont think i overstated my concern. just my opinion anyway
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    Your answer was given very early on...you spray for weeds, not spread. It's a slam dunk, a no brainer.
  5. rcreech

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    What would you like to hear my thoughts on?
  6. Rcgm

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    I may have missed a post or 2 but liquid is the way to go with pesticide.Granular for fertilizer. I think it is funny about how people try to find products they can use granular,organic etc to get past not having a license. It kinda gets old. How many people do you know ask questions like if I pull the car out of the garage and it is on my own property do I need a drivers license? Probally none. I think people should just quit trying to get around the licensing fact and avoid the grey areas and get a license.If you want to make money at it just learn it and be done. Why waste time of trying to figure out what is on the EPA exempt list?

    My 2 cents
  7. Runner

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    HUH??? Could you explain, please?:dizzy:
  8. foreplease

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    Pesticides require a license. There is no doubt we agree on that. It must be the word "synthetics." I have not heard or used that word to describe pesticides, only a class of fertilizers. In Michigan, at least, you do not need a license to apply fertilizers - synthetic or organic - that do not contain pesticides.

    If this is something other than a misunderstanding or possibly a disagreement over the meaning of synthetics, then I am lost.
  9. AmGreen

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    same in nc. no license required for fert, just pesticides.
  10. AmGreen

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    but why ask an opinion from someone that doesn't even apply what you apply or do what you do. seems like you would have asked someone in the organic section...

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