weed and feed? granules or liquid

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Christian Brothers, May 1, 2009.

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    Throw some common sense in with some science and poor Kiril just can't seem to handle it. It is kind of like Teddy Kennedy who doesn't want to see any Illegals drown in the Rio Grande just Americans drown in the Chappaquiddick.
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    Consider this. Maybe if you didn't throw new comers out of "your" forum I wouldn't have even posted in this thread. Furthermore, I am not giving you a hard time (those posts already got deleted). Read the thread dude. I am simply asking questions (like the OP) because of several inaccurate/uninformed posts, and getting insulted as a result. Ric never misses the opportunity to insult me .... no?

    I am curious why "you" guys always get so worked up over someone who suggests alternatives to fert and squirt, even when some of those alternatives can be used in conjunction with your fert and squirt programs to make them more successful?

    FYI, I am not into "organics" as you put it. In fact, many of the "organic" products on the market I do not support. For me, "organics" is just one part of sustainable land management.
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    Where is the common sense in your posts Ric?

    Give me an example of a hydrophobic compost and how such a compost will affect field capacity.

    Forget about the other nonsense that has been posted. You are the one who made the comment. Are you going to answer the question or continue with the childish insults?
  4. Ric

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    Do yourself a favor. Watch the "Big Bang Theory" a sitcom on Monday night 8 pm Eastern time. Check your local listings for Calf air times. Then don't get up set when we start calling you "Shelton".
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    Do your own Experiment. Put equal amounts of Dry Grass Clipping in a plastic bag. And Equal amounts of Wet Grass clipping in an other plastic bag. Wait about 3 days and feel the outside of each bag. Which bag is hotter? Now open each bag. Which bag turns your stomach and makes you want to barf?

    HELLO Compost is Hydrophobic.
  6. Kiril

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    Wow Ric, you really should stop while you are ahead.

    Explain to me what your grass "experiment" has anything to do with compost or hydrophobic vs. hydrophilic?

    You know Ric, I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here but you continue to tighten that noose.
    Perhaps you would like to see some real studies on how effective compost is at controlling erosion?
    According to you, it shouldn't be effective at all.
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    You would think the tree huggers would know by now that their "organic" or "natural" input isn't popular on this part of the site.

    I think they just do it to start crap.

    I am not going to participate in it anymore.

    I have found that "they" think they know everything so why even argue!
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    I have never seen KRILL explain anything, just asks others to answer this or answer that.
  9. Ric

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    Once you come back down to earth and start using common sense, Maybe you will realize the fact the Microbes decomposes organic matter quicker when dry than when wet. Fact is compost must first dry in order for Microbial activity. HELLO ever wonder why there are lids or covers on compost piles or containers??? Once the process starts it repels water at all costs to keep the Microbe population ever growing. BTW It doesn't matter whether this is aerobic or anaerobic the fact only a small amount of moisture is needed and any extra moisture is repelled. Hence Compost is HYDROPHOBIC. BTW Anaerobic compost is non desirable and generally anaerobic compost is formed by too much moisture that blocks out Oxygen from the void spaces.

    So ends Compost 101 for auto orgasmic nerds

    Have a Nice Day Shelton
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    Wow.....Look back over some old threads. I love how the new guy jumps on the bashing bandwagon to look cool. Aren't you the guy that thinks manure is organic? Or how you can't understand that farmers dumping endless amounts of manure on their fields because they need to get rid of it is causing problems in the Chesapeake?

    At least some people on this site make claims and have the knowledge to back them up. Not just posting ramblings from a NY state dairy farm as fact. Just because you were a dairy farmer doesn't mean you can explain what's wrong n the Chesapeake.

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