weed and feed? granules or liquid

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Christian Brothers, May 1, 2009.

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    I've said it time and time again. People like Rod bash what they don't understand. No matter what gets talked about on here, there's always the guys bringing up Liquid Gold as snake oil and writing off all organics as such. Does anyone on the organic forum use it? Nope. There are thousands of other products on the market and Liquid Gold gets focused on.
  2. NattyLawn

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    Nice, the classic us vs. them debate. Here's the thing that the average idiot doesn't understand. You can do all the republicans vs. democrats bashing you want, but look at the big picture. It's all a distraction to mask the fact that our liberties are being taken away slowly but surely. Thanks for assuming all organic guys are Dems though. Idiot.
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    Uhhhhhh....what am I bashing?

    Where in my post do you see me bashing anything!

    I simply stated that most on here could care less about what you guys have to say.

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    Tree Huggers

    I am willing to give credit to the advantages of adding Organic Material to my program If you are willing to admit the advantage of Synthetics filling the gap that organics leave out.

    Hello It is the old compremize. Don't tell me how wrong I am and I won't tell you how wrong you are. There is the best of both worlds.
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    i respect your years of experience when it comes to lawn care. you give some really good accurate advice most of the time, but your completely off in this argument.
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    Kiril called in his organic backup team (a.k.a. TREE HUGGERS) as always!

    There should be about 2 or 3 more chime in soon!


    Hey Natty....whats up?

    Missed ya! :waving:
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    So SH*T is NOT organic? Thanx I'll keep that in mind. And I thought I did understand that endless Manure Spreading was having an effect on the Chesapeake, I think I mentioned that When talking about Organic pollution, But then, now I find out that SH*T is'nt Organic, who knew.
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    Just a question Natty.

    A while back...when we were talking about "organic farming :laugh:", Kiril posted a bunch of pictures of people spreading/knifing in manure and said that manure was the answer to using less fertilizer (which it can be there just isn't any manure available here).

    NOW...these would be certified ORGANIC CROPS and to my knowlege animal manure would be their main fert source (ie chicken, bovine and swine)...and you are saying that manure isn't considered an organic fertilizer?

    I don't know anything about "organics"....but I would say that manure has to be...and if it isn't....what is an "organic fertilizer?????? :dizzy:
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    Wait a minute ****** (since we've started childish name calling), please show me in that statement where I "assumed" all organic guys (tree huggers) are democrats...
    The statement reads, "...it's always started by a tree hugger OR a democrat." If I wanted it to seem as though I believe all tree huggers are democrats, I would have said, "...it's always a democrat tree hugger."
    So why don't you stop ASSUMING and read the statement as it is...you gooch.
  10. Ric

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    That is because they are 100% Correct and we are 100% Wrong. Just ask them..... Oh wait we don't have to ask they are already telling us how wrong we are. I tried offering some comprise but it looks like I am being slapped down like a red head step child. Of course they only claim I am wrong and offer no explanation. So the "Ric's is Right" I normally get is now "Ric is always wrong"

    OK I have said my peace for now. Time for me to back off before this gets any uglier. The Moderators have already deleted over 17 posts in this thread by my count and I have not been counting real hard.

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