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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Mr Distinctive, Aug 10, 2002.

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    I have just been asked to quote for a high-end property in southern FL. This customer wants the usual cut, blow, trim, weed and edging work (on approx 1/3 acre) but also wants a full mulching and weed/feed program built into the monthly quote.

    As I have no experience with these 'extras' but am looking to up-sell to other customers at a later date, can anyone provide any ideas on pricing a weed/feed and a mulching program ?

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    are you liscensed to apply pestacides it is federal law best thing to do there is look in phone book and call pest control companys and try to find one that will do wholesale applications so that you can mark them up a little, you can apply reg fert and have them spray the weeds or if they can hook you up with mowing accounts let them do all of the fert. as for mulch search on the net for mulch calculator these will let you put in bed measurements and will tell you how much product you need i charge 60-70 dollars per yard and use 3 cf bags and always recomend to the customer to wait until after the oak leaves are done dropping if its late in the season. I never include mulch or any extras in monthly quote i require at least 50%advanced payment for this service.
  3. Mulch calculator

    And for weed n feed leve that up to the experts like promo said.

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