Weed b Gon Max and Crabapples

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tbentley, Jun 13, 2005.

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    I used WBG Max a few weeks ago to spot weed my lawn (minimal spot spray). Unfortunately, I spot weeded inside the dripline of a healthy 15-foot crabapple. Shortly, the leaves began to yellow out and the leaf death is spreading.

    Ortho tells me that it is likely to kill the tree. Of course, I'm annoyed -- it was a fine 25 year old crabapple. They also agreed that Max is a much more powerful compound than regular WBG, but the warning about damage to fruit trees is in very small print on the inner label.

    Is there any way to rescue the tree, or mitigate the effects to get it through another year and perhaps recover?

    And a warning: I didn't use very much of this stuff around the tree, but it is much more aggressive than the 2,4-d in Weed B Gon. Be careful.

    Thanks for your help--
  2. teeca

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    i'm not a tree expert, but try watering heavy round the area that was sprayed.. but, are you sure that this was not a prior problem? disease? i spray around trees everyday, dripline and all, even the suckers (branches growing up thru the roots(even w/round up) and never had a tree (esp. a 15ft tree) die or wilt. i would say you need to call a tree person out and check for disease/insect problem.
  3. Neal Wolbert

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    Are you sure your crab isn't suffering from apple scab? Defoliation is usually around this time of the year and falling yellow spotted leaves are a certain sign. Neal
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    For 15 years I have sprayed up to trees and shrubs and never had any problems. If the tree dies it was not the weed b gone.

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