Weed barrier time estimate?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by eruuska, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. eruuska

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    This being my first season in the business I have lots of questions, but today the big one is how to bid installation of weed barrier in an existing bed.

    The yard in question has been neglected, no fresh mulch for years, never a weed barrier. Lots of low shrubs in the beds. The mulch bid is no problem, and I know my cost per square foot of weed barrier. What I'm not sure about is how to estimate the time required to install the barrier.

    The other option I thought of is just skipping the barrier and treating the mulch with Preen or something similar. This would be cheaper for the homeowner (though requiring regular treatment), and a lot less messy for me.

  2. prizeprop

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    Always try to talk customer out of it and never suggest it.I hate working with it and its a nightmare if your trying to refurbish an existing landscape and are trying to re edge or replant. I explain that as the mulch decomposes each year, you now have soil on top of the mat therefore weeds will grow on top of the mat anyway, and it defeats the purpose. And it makes it difficult to plant flats of flowers down the road.
  3. eruuska

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    Sounds good, I wasn't really looking forward to the barrier. I'm pretty sure I can talk them out of it.

    Would you use Preen, or just spot spray with a nonselective?

    Thanks a bunch,
  4. Premo Services

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    Weed fabric is a total waste of time... :help: :angry: :realmad:

    I would use snapshot(if no annuals are going to be planted), treflan, or something simular, and then come back and use roundup quickpro to kill the ones that come up.
    All this is information if you aree licensed to apply pesticides in your state.
  5. Ecobjs

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    We have customers every year that want the weed barriers, but we have never sold one. They break down quick, prevent new plantings, are bascially in effective, weeds will blow in and grow on top of them, etc. Once we explain this, most customers are happy for the education and spend the money on something else more useful
  6. Eclipse

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    I know we are talking about a weed fabric under bark here but reading a few of these post makes me think that some of you do not use it under rocks either?

    I agree under bark it is worthless, but IMHO under stone it is almost a necessity.

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