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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by MWM, Mar 30, 2002.

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    We use weed barrier on every new planting we do. You are correct that weeds will still grow in the mulch laid on top of the weed barrier. We have found that weed barrier works better for us in reducing the amount of weeds in new plantings than herbicides. Almost all of our planting jobs include adding 4-5" of "topsoil". We cannot guarantee that the soil is weed free. So to keep from having our new plantings infested with weeds within 4-6 weeks we suggest a weed barrier to our customers. We use Typar Weed Barrier and have had good success. I have seen some strong weeds grow right through it but usually where it breaks down is along the edges.

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    putting weed barrier under a decomposable mulch is not a good idea. YOu should be using a preemergent instead. I do not know of any other companies that guarantee weed free soil. I think that is a little much (just my opinion). The mulch breaks down into soil and then you have the weeds growing into the soil above the barrier.
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    MWM: I assume you do only installs and no maintenance with statements like yours. If you were to get a call for a 3 year old landscape that needed the fabric removed because the weeds are growing into it...you'd never use the stuff again.

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    Scraper,....amen! We do maintenance and installs. Had a job today (3-4 year old beds) in which we had to "tear" out the "weed" barrier. Not pretty. Full of weeds and centipede grass. We literally had to use a 4x4 pickup to remove the stuff. From a maintenance standpoint the stuff is a nightmare. Also, just about every plant in the 4 beds was dead. Seems like the weed barrier holds too much moisture causing the roots to rot. :cry:

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